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Suspicious signs lead to shocking revelations in these true stories of people who discovered they lived with a killer. Will they become entangled in evil?


Episode 1

He Was A False Prophet

As a child, Benjamin Risha believes Tony Alamo when he preaches he is a prophet of God. But, when he discovers the shocking truth, he fears for his life.

Episode 2

Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe.

Vernon Jensen is so afraid of his wife's temper that he decides to divorce her. After he leaves, he discovers how far she'll go to get revenge.

Episode 3

She Should Be Left To Die

When police tell a man his girlfriend has confessed, he refuses to believe it - because that means admitting he was blind to the horrific things she did.

Episode 4

I Will Always Be Scared Of Him

Deborah Williamson knows there is something unsettling about her stepson, David Shafer. But the devastation he wreaks is beyond anything she imagines.

Episode 5

What If He Gets Out?

When Amy Chesler calls 911 to report what her brother, Jesse Winnick, has confessed to her over the phone, she doesn't know whether to believe him.

Episode 6

Locked In The Closet

The first time Alice Jenkins locks Jesse Eging in a closet, he thinks it's only a game. But over time he realises that if he does not escape, he will...

Episode 7

Keeping My Brother's Secret

Steven Crittenden reveals shocking news to his brother Bryant. Now Bryant must decide whether to betray his family or allow a killer to go free.

Episode 8

He Kept Her In A Tree Stump

After Ernest Christie dies, his son, Sam, calls police and tells them everything he witnessed as a child - including murder.

Episode 9

He Tied Me Up, Too

When James Bergstrom's wife, Linda, begins to suspect that his bondage fetish is morphing into something sinister, she can't get anyone to believe her.

Episode 10

Sleeping With The Enemy

When Sarita Anderson falls ill, she thinks it's just the flu. She never suspects that the man pretending to nurse her back to health is actually responsible.

Episode 11

He Should Have Died Sooner

George Yzaguirre kills himself, taking his secrets with him. His ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, wonders if her memories may hold the keys to unsolved crimes.

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