About The Show

Suspicious signs lead to shocking revelations in these true stories of people who discovered they lived with a killer. Will they become entangled in evil?


Episode 1

The Nights I Don't Remember

Joylynn Martinez would sometimes wake up and not remember what had happened the night before. But, her husband Robert Howard Bruce was to blame.

Episode 2

It Was All Judith

When Corey Breininger was a child his stepmother coerced him into doing something horrible. Tormented by guilt, he kept her deadly secret for years.

Episode 3

While I Was Gone

Michele Ward's husband didn't mind her regular trips to visit her parents. She had no way of knowing it was because he was committing heinous crimes in her absence.

Episode 4

I Raised A Sociopath

Robert Foust considered killing his son, Aaron, thinking it would stop him from growing up to be a murderer. Instead, he put himself and his son in God's hands.

Episode 5

My Brother Made History

Travis Spencer was cruelly pranked by his older brother Timothy as a child. However, he never suspected that Timothy may be practicing torture techniques.

Episode 6

I Wished My Son Were Dead

For more than 25 years Joyce Alexander has been terrified of her son. She fears he blames her for his crime and believes he is plotting revenge from jail.

Episode 7

You Have To Get Out

When Robin Healey married her husband she only had glimpses of his dark side. But after she finally escaped from him for good, she realized how evil he was.

Episode 8

I Should Have Killed Him Myself

John Duck spent his life fearing his brother, Kevin, would kill someone. When he discovered Kevin was a murderer, he wasn't ready to face the truth.

Episode 9

He Almost Got Away With It

Timothy Bass got away with murder for decades, telling his wife, Gina, he was working the night shift. She believed him until she uncovered his secret.

Episode 10

He Said There Were More Of Them

Shirley Gaskins was unaware her father was one of America's most prolific serial killers. But the more people vanished, the harder it was to deny.

Episode 11

He Won't Tell Us Why

Richard and Ryan Girgis knew their father was prone to violence. But when their family was torn apart, neither wanted to admit they knew who was behind it.

Episode 12

The Werewolf Butcher

People thought Jack "Roy" Spillman was just a man with an odd hobby. But then they learned his hobbies were far darker than they could ever imagine.