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12th December



Coming Soon

Episode 2

He's Still My Son

Walter Stawicki tried to protect his son, Ian. But, when he became a man, Ian committed an appalling crime and Walter realised he could have prevented a tragedy.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Let Her Rot

When Joshua Hudnall went off to war, he thought he'd escaped his mother's torment. Upon his return, she'd helped turn his sister into a killer - of their own father.

Dec 12


Episode 4

Is This The Night I Die

Cindy Best risked her life to get her husband, Karl, to confess to murder. After years of lying to his family, she managed to get truth out of her husband.

Dec 19


Episode 5

Under His Thumb

Jamie Clark had been twice unlucky in love, so when she met a new man she was overjoyed. But, once she'd realised his perverted plans for her, she was trapped.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Evil Undercover

When Lori McLeod fell for FBI agent Scott Kimball she believed he would protect her family. She never suspected the secrets that he was hiding until it was too late.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

I Hate Being Daddy's Girl

When Robin Lindsey escaped her violent mother and moved in with her father she thought she was safe. But, he was hiding a dark and evil secret from her.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

I Was His First Victim

Felecia Collier almost killed Chester Turner once. Then, she was glad to hear that he would live. But years later, that would become her biggest regret.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

I Wish I'd Turned Around

Kat Harris and Marla Kreuger both loved Lawrence Harris. They dismissed his dark obsession as odd, but neither realised he would sacrifice innocent lives.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

One Of His Women

To the world, Aziza Ayinde Kibibi's father was a hit music video director. But to her, he was a repulsive monster who did horrifying things in God's name.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Poisoned By Love

Norma grew up in fear of her mother, a woman whose anger destroyed those closest to her. But when people started dying, Norma had to turn in her mother to...

Coming Soon

Episode 12

I Tried To Prevent This

For 17 years, Kathy Swanson feared her son would one day harm someone. No one believed her - until the day her worst nightmare became a reality.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

He Was A Good Man To Me

When Alvin "Bud" Brown was arrested he said he was like Hannibal Lecter. But, to his wife Jackie he was perfect, until she learned the truth at Thanksgiving.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

They Let Him Out

When Clare Bradburn's ex confessed to a crime after 26 years, she thought she finally had justice. But, a legal loophole meant he was released immediately!

Coming Soon

Episode 15

The Face Of My Torturer

Having been tortured as a child by his mother, William Knorr reveals the dark events that took place in the house where he and his sisters grew up.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Our Secret Identity

Pam Jacobs reveals the dark truth about her father. Growing up, she never realised he was a fugitive suspected of the murders of various coin shop owners.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Until We Meet Again

James Henslee's worst nightmare came true when he became the main suspect in a murder case. How could he prove that the killer was someone he used to look up...

Coming Soon

Episode 18

He Knew What He Was

Ronald and Patty and their older brother Gene grew up surrounded by violence. How did two of them turn their lives around and was Gene always a monster?

Coming Soon

Episode 19

I Have To Do The Right Thing

When Tim Kreider discovered his son, Alec, committed a heinous crime, he knew he had to turn him in. But, how far will a father go to protect his son?

Coming Soon

Episode 20

My Twisted Sister

When Elizabeth Flores was a child, her sister, Louise, protected her from a family secret. But, when she saw Louise on the news, she knew her sister was evil too.