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Suspicious signs lead to shocking revelations in these true stories of people who discovered they lived with a killer. Will they become entangled in evil?


Episode 1

I Wanted My Father To Die

Teresa Holman grew up wishing her father would die for the unspeakable things he did to her family. One day she makes a choice that ends in tragedy.

Episode 2

He Looks Like The Killer On TV

When a friend tells Margie Bult to turn on the TV, she sees a fugitive named Paul Steven Mack who resembles her husband and vows to uncover the truth.

Episode 3

The Hole In The Backyard

When a hole appears in the backyard, Delila Yang becomes suspicious of her mother. She works with police to unearth her mum's sinister secrets.

Episode 4

Sisters In Silence

William Cosden Jr. coerced sisters, Karen and Susan, into keeping secret what he did. They reunite to repair the trauma keeping those secrets caused them.

Episode 5

Ménage à Terror

When Genie's husband forces her into a polygamous relationship, she plays along. But the consequences of letting him have his way may be worse.

Episode 6

He Had A Torture Chamber

Years after Terry Patzer escaped her ex-husband Russell, police discover his house of horrors, bringing back nine years of horrific memories.

Episode 7

We're Glad Mom Is Dead

Victoria and Christine already live in fear of their mother. But come Christmas, they'll feel lucky to survive the holiday and their mother's vengeance.

Episode 8

Three-And-A-Half Hours of Hell

When Sara Pitcher met Shawn Spink, she believed he was a man of God. But when he reveals an unholy darkness in him, she must fight for survival.

Episode 9

Murder At Sea

When young Vince Boston finds himself an unwitting accomplice to a horrific crime, he realizes his father, Silas Boston, has been killing for years.

Episode 10

Trapped In A House Of Torture

When police arrest her mother for murder, Tammy lies to protect her. But a look at her disturbing youth forces Tammy to see her mother in a new light.

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