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Suspicious signs lead to shocking revelations in these true stories of people who discovered they lived with a killer. Will they become entangled in evil?


Episode 1

I Don't Know Why He Spared Me

Thirty years on, Sharon Morris still wonders why former boyfriend and multiple murderer Anthony Fiebiger didn't kill her when he had the chance.

Episode 2

He Lived A Double Life

Sonja Holt begins to suspect that her fiancé is living a secret double life. But she can't imagine how far he will go to keep people from finding out.

Episode 3

My Son Is Damaged Goods

Jeanne Avsenew and her son Peter were close, but as Peter matured, his obsession with death grew. Then one day Jeanne finds a bullet with her name on it.

Episode 4

To Infinity And Back

When Claire Throssell meets Darren Sykes, she thinks his overwhelming shows of affection are signs of love. She soon realises they are signs of something else.

Episode 5

He Pretends To Be Human

When Kelly Pletcher heard what her ex-husband carried in his pocket while surrendering to police, she was horrified and disgusted - but not surprised.

Episode 6

What If He Was Innocent?

Some say Cameron Todd Willingham was wrongfully convicted, and the court put an innocent man to death. His ex-wife is convinced that he was a monster.

Episode 7

They Said I Killed My Brother

Eric Nance expects his sister Belinda to find and destroy his murder weapon to protect him. She is torn between family loyalty and doing what is right.

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