Episode 1

Madagascar : The Coastal Mangroves

Ed starts his journey in a tidal mangrove system in Madagascar. As the waters race in, he struggles to reach a fishing village in 10 days.

Episode 2

Bulgaria: The Rhodope Mountains

Ed is stranded in the mighty Rhodope Mountains. He must brave harsh conditions and the threat of brown bears to reach civilisation.

Episode 3

Mongolia: The Altai

Ed is dropped in the vast, remote Altai Mountains. He faces ferocious winds and freezing temperatures to reach a nomadic settlement on the Russian frontier.

Episode 4

Laos: The Annamite Mountains

Ed faces one of his most difficult terrains yet in Laos. The stunning environment is also littered with thousands of landmines from the Indo-China war.

Episode 5

Bolivia: The Atacama Desert

Ed is in the world's highest, driest desert in Bolivia's isolated high plains. He must navigate his way to safety through perilous canyons in the blazing heat.

Episode 6

Panama: The Darien Gap

Dropped on Panama's Pacific Coast, Ed faces a gruelling 10-day hike through the Darien Gap. Can he tackle one of the world's most perilous expanses of jungle?

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