Episode 1

Mercy Mercy Me

Dr. Mercy tries to remove Price's lipoma, which is so big that it has gotten in the way of his relationship. And, Becca has a birthmark that covers most of...

Episode 2

Nose No Limits

Jorge's case of rhinophyma is so bad that he has trouble breathing. Dr. Mercy plans to reshape his nose, but it will take multiple procedures.

Episode 3

Humps, Bumps And Lumps

Rachel's condition gives her a full beard that she shaves daily. Former model Summer has seven cysts, including one she calls her "unicorn horn."

Episode 4

Pus, Sweat And Tears

Tiffany has a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which causes painful boils in her buttocks. Plus, Lydia's life is impacted by her excessive sweating.

Episode 5

Under Lock and Keloid

Ramon's keloids on the back of his head are so large that he may require a skin graft if removed. Tiana has two mysterious growths under each of her armpits.

Episode 6

Armpit Fingers

Michael's armpits are covered in patches of skin tags that are both unsightly and painful. Some of them are so big that his wife calls them his "armpit fingers."

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