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Mike heads to Lake Erie to join a group dedicated to protecting endangered water snakes. He continues on Lake Michigan where he assists in removing algae.


Episode 1

Steel Mill Worker

Sparks literally fly in the first episode of this brand new series which sees host, Mike Rowe get down and dirty in a steel industry works in St. Louis.

Episode 2

Cave Biologist

Glutton for punishment, Mike Rowe teams up with a biologist and heads deep into an underground cave to help clean up after a toxic sewer leak.

Episode 3

Buoy Cleaner

Dirty buoy Mike Rowe helps the US Coast Guard recover and clean up dirt and barnacle ridden giant buoys off the coast of San Francisco.

Episode 4

Cranberry Farmer

Mike Rowe gets dirty in South Carolina as he tries his hand at brick making. Plus he's almost literally up to his neck in it, in a Cranberry bog in...

Episode 5

Mud Mineral Excavator

Mike Rowe gets dirty in California when he tries his hand at mineral blasting and detonates his first explosion, blowing up more than he bargained for!

Episode 6

Dirty Jobs of the Big Apple

Mike Rowe gets dirty in New York when he joins forces with an elevator repairman, inspecting lifts and cleaning the cables, to ensure they keep running.

Episode 7

Floating Fish Factory

Mike Rowe travels to the great state of Alaska for an adventure aboard a fish processing ship where he gets dirty bleeding and gutting the catch of the day.

Episode 8

Dairy Cow Midwife

Inside an Indiana dairy farm, Mike Rowe gets the inside scoop on how to inseminate a cow, and gets hands-on and dirty as he helps deliver baby calves.

Episode 9

Aerial Tram Greaser

Mike rolls up his sleeves on a building site, it's plagued by erosion but he's got a plan. Mike takes on a stomach churning repair job 8500 feet above Palm...

Episode 10

Turkey Inseminator

Mike's on a mission to make old homes energy efficient and a turkey farm needs an inseminator, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it!

Episode 11

Ice Salvage Crew

Mike's in Alaska, an oil spill threatens the environment and he's at the scene of the clear up then he's off to Minnesota to pull a car from a frozen...

Episode 12

Wind Farm Technician

Mike goes 300 ft in the air to ensure sails are turning smoothly at Blue Canyon wind farm and in Kentucky he cleans up a sink hole that's more of...

Episode 13

Greenland Shark Quest

Mike sets off for the Arctic Circle joining scientists risking their lives in perilously cold waters tagging and tracking the elusive Greenland Shark.

Episode 14

Tar Rigger

Mike boards the Star of India, the oldest merchant ship in the world with jobs to match from tarring the rigging to greasing the mast; it's filthy back breaking work.

Episode 15

Dirty Chip Maker

Mike scrubs, oils cooks and cleans all in the name of the perfect potato crisp and there's a filthy job to be done in Rifle CO.

Episode 16

Sheep Castrator

Mike unleashes his secret weapon on a concrete wall: a saw with blades of diamonds, and some sheepherders show Mike how they tag worm and castrate their flock.

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