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About The Show

Mike heads to Lake Erie to join a group dedicated to protecting endangered water snakes. He continues on Lake Michigan where he assists in removing algae.


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Episode 42

Well Digger

Mike joins the Bowie BaySox team as a groundskeeper; helps secure boat moorings and joins Watson Water to dig deep through mud and rock looking for heating and water.

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Episode 43

Cave Digger

Mike helps dig tunnels that are used as underground wine caverns. Then he is off to the airport where he does the dirty jobs behind the scenes.

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Episode 44

Salt Miner

Mike gets dirty packing explosives into a wall of salt and blowing it up. He then masters salt mining and gets a new respect for the people who do this...

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Episode 45

Wine Maker

Mike gets dirty in Napa Valley as he takes on the job of making wine. Then, he heads to a Kansas cattle ranch and gets a lesson on how dirty...

Coming Soon

Episode 46

Steam Ship Cleaner

Mike is in San Diego to meet two guys who have mastered the art of hydro-seeding. Plus, he is helping out on a steam ship ferry that is over 100-years-old.

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Episode 50

Bridge Painter

Mike travels to Michigan to work with the Mackinac Bridge Authority - one of the world's largest suspension bridges and helps paint it in brutal 50mph winds.

Coming Soon

Episode 52

Alligator Egg Collector

Mike gets dirty as he forages through the swamps of Louisiana in search of 90,000 alligator eggs to help preserve the population of the American alligator.