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Mike heads to Lake Erie to join a group dedicated to protecting endangered water snakes. He continues on Lake Michigan where he assists in removing algae.


Episode 1

Jellyballer / Epoxy Installer

Mike Rowe joins fishermen in Georgia as they harvest jellyfish for food. Then he helps install epoxy flooring at a restaurant in time for dinner.

Episode 2

Tugboat Fitter / Tower Cleaner

Mike learns how to build a tugboat in Alabama. Then he climbs to the top of a dirty water tower in Mississippi, to clean inside the tank.

Episode 3

Rock Sucker / Mountain Carver

Mike vacuums rocks off an industrial roof. He then travels to the Black Hills to carve the largest monument in the world: Crazy Horse.

Episode 4

Combat Surgeon / Iguana Hunter

Mike trains as a trauma surgeon learning under simulated battlefield conditions. He then helps to control iguanas on the Florida coast.

Episode 5

Rodbuster / Galvanizer

Mike works his hardest construction job yet. He helps a team of rodbusters, who carry 2 tons of reinforced steel each for overpass construction.

Episode 6

Escalator Maintainer / Scorpion

Mike cleans grime off an escalator. Then, he and a zookeeper venture into the Arizona desert at night to round up neurotoxic stinging scorpions.

Episode 7

Pool Fixer / Hotel Soap Recycler

Mike joins a pool fixer in West Palm Beach, Florida, to clean the dirtiest pool in America. In Orlando, he recycles dirty hotel soap.

Episode 8

Pile Jacketer/Concrete Cleaner

Mike Rowe preserves infrastructure as he submerges in a murky Florida river to pour concrete jackets around crumbling bridge pilings.

Episode 9

Caviar Harvester/Spice Maker

Mike Rowe shows us where our food comes from, harvesting caviar from the muddy Mississippi River. Later, Mike brings his parents to work.

Episode 10

Baghouse Cleaner/Biochar Maker

Mike cleans an asphalt filtration system in North Carolina. In Colorado, he gets his dirtiest yet, as he pyrolyzes wood into fertiliser.

Episode 11

Manhole Rehab/Clock Caretaker

Mike Rowe descends into the depths of an aging manhole in Tennessee. Then, Mike joins an horologist and a priest as he restores a historic clocktower.

Episode 12

Feral Cat Fixer/Reaper Keeper

Mike helps fix a clowder of feral cats at a neuter facility. Plus, he feels the burn when he meets the inventor of the hottest pepper in the world.

Episode 13

Deer Urine Farmer/Necropsy

Mike wades knee-deep in diarrhoea as he farms deer urine for hunters. On Maryland's shoreline, he performs a necropsy for science.

Episode 14

Beaver Relocator/Slime Master

Mike Rowe gives a dam to nuisance beavers causing havoc for municipalities. Mike gets sticky in the process of fulfilling a lifelong dream.

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