Episode 1

The Truth Hurts

In Mississippi, a tight-knit family is torn apart when an affair is uncovered. Two people are killed and secrets revealed during the hunt for the killer.

Episode 2

The Devil's Allure

When a lonely widow falls in love again with a charming real estate agent, her daughter is suspicious of him. An investigation exposes an entirely secret life.

Episode 3

Mission: Proof

When a mother is killed in a tragic trucking accident, her family begin to question whether it was actually premeditated murder. Now, they fear for her son.

Episode 4

Killer Colleagues

Two women who work for a tax attorney know he is prone to hysterical outbursts. But, when he turns violent it reveals some terrifying secrets.

Episode 5

A Fire Inside

A serial arsonist murders four people in a California store. Two fire detectives take a special interest in the case and someone gets burnt when the truth is revealed.

Episode 6

A Killer Hand

Steven Willis' life is turned upside down when a family member is murdered. He embarks on a search for the killer and three more people die before he learns the...

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