Episode 1

Air McNair

In 2009, retired NFL superstar and hometown hero Steve McNair is found shot dead, along with his young mistress. Sgt Pat Postiglione reveals his investigation.

Episode 2

Truck Stop

The body of a young mother is found displayed inside a public truck stop in Nashville. A trail of evidence across the US leads Sgt Postiglione to a serial killer.

Episode 3


Det. Postiglione examines the double homicide of two college students near a Nashville university. When a third victim is shot dead, Pat launches a state-wide manhunt.

Episode 4


Detective Postiglione is tasked with solving the homicide of a young mother. He has to interview the only witness to the crime, the victim's four-year-old daughter.

Episode 5


In 1993, a night clerk is shot dead inside the lobby of a hotel. Detective Postiglione uses clues left outside the crime scene to track down the unusual suspect.

Episode 6

Check List

In 1991, a woman is found murdered inside a Nashville motel room. The investigation escalates after Det. Postiglione discovers a similar crime scene in Cincinnati.

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