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Kristin is having a steamy affair with her boss and her distressed husband Greg knows it – when he is found dead in their flat, will cops rule suicide or murder?


Episode 1

School of Deceit

An assistant head teacher and his secret mistress enjoy lustful weekends at his lake house, but their passion soon turns deadly. Who says school is boring?

Episode 2

Driven by Desire

Racing enthusiasts Mark and Janet Howard seem happy, until young driver Derek Ofenham enters the picture. What starts as a fling becomes a fatal attraction.

Episode 5

Tall, Dark and Dangerous

Bobby Lozano is happily married to his college sweetheart, Viki. The couple seem to have it all, until Bobby's wandering eye results in tragedy.

Episode 6

You Reap What You Sow

Archie and Mary Ann McFarland live a very untraditional life. Archie lets his wife fool around with other men. But will their free living have consequences?

Episode 7

Achilles' Heart

Pam and Bob Bulik are living a picture perfect life. But when Bob starts running into the arms of another woman, the affair ends with murderous results.

Episode 10

Fool Me Once

Donald and Jennifer Clark are living happily in a quiet Suburban town, until Donald invites one of his lovers into their home. But will Jennifer regret her actions?

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