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A Michigan Mom disappears outside her parent’s home. Her husband Doug has a strong alibi, but soon becomes a suspect when his alibi evaporates in a twist.


Episode 1

New Mexico Desert Killings

A young woman vanishes from a New Mexico store. Then, a second woman disappears, and police are in a race against time to stop a potential serial killer.

Episode 2

Innocence Lost

In 2006, a young mother and her baby are both found murdered at home. Detectives discover a complicated romance, a revelation and evidence to make an arrest.

Episode 3

Vanishing On I-95

A woman driving to Florida to visit a friend mysteriously disappears. After reading about her disappearance, a woman has a hunch that her husband was involved.

Episode 4

The Jersey Devil

Star student 16-year-old Brittney Gregory vanishes one night in 2004. Investigators piece together a sinister story and dark secrets about her disappearance.

Episode 5

Driven To Murder

When teenage tech prodigy Sam Poss disappears, police wonder if he ran away or if there was an accident. Then, an anonymous tip and confession leads to his body.

Episode 6

The Sherriff's Son

Detectives wade through a series of accusations and rumours when a man disappears. They quickly narrow it down to one suspect - did his fiancée murder him?

Episode 7

Shot In The Dark

An army veteran and father of three is shot dead at home in 2003. His wife, her boyfriend and protective teenage brother are all suspects in this shocking murder.

Episode 8

Dancing With The Devil

When a cheerleader goes missing, police link her to a fire. Police have several suspects and motives, and cryptic surveillance video leads them to a suspect.

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