About The Show

You shouldn’t be nervous on your first day on the job, unless you’re a greenhorn. Welcome to the deadliest job interview. Who’ll earn a permanent spot on the crew?


Episode 1

Go Big or Go Home

A raw caver leads for the first time, rookies attempt to join the Sonoma Marin Tree Men, and a novice flyer travels to Africa to take a rigorous bush pilot...

Episode 2

Dive on In

A rookie climber ignores advice to scale a redwood, some guys attempt a risky underwater welding job in San Diego, and an amateur pilot goes canyon flying.

Episode 3


Hoping for a job as a commercial diver, Erik welds a patch on a sunken submarine. Plus, a heavy haul driver battles through a hurricane, and a bush pilot is...

Episode 4

The Widowmaker

Rookie diver Erik struggles underwater while rigging a sunken yacht and tree man, Nate, drops a large dead Eucalyptus tree nicknamed the Widowmaker.

Episode 5

In Too Deep

Trainee tree man Tomas gets the fear halfway up a redwood, Erik dives deep into the sea for research samples, and rookie volcanologist Sarah scales an active volcano.

Episode 6

One Last Shot

Volcanologist Sarah continues her first expedition on an active volcano and rookie tree men, Nate and Tomas, have their toughest challenge yet.

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