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Captain Sig Hansen and daughter Mandy return to their ancestral home in the fjords of Norway, with ambitions of building a greater fishing empire.


Episode 1


Captain Sig Hansen attempts to build a new fishing operation in Norway. But when his daughter Mandy joins as partner, she takes matters into her own hands.

Episode 1

Wheelhouse Redemption

As Captain Jake Anderson plans for his next move as a professional fisherman, he and longtime mentor Sig Hansen open a door into his own legacy.

Episode 2

Kings Vs. Trolls

Whilst fishing for crab, Sig discovers a surprise in his gear. Later, he entrusts the 193-foot Stalbas to Jake while he and Mandy pursue a new species.

Episode 2

Dangerous Grounds

After several boats hit the rocks in salmon season, Sig makes an unplanned trip to Alaska. He helps son-in-law Clark deliver a million-dollar windfall of fish.

Episode 3

Rogue Captain

Sig and Mandy go all in on a change in strategy. But when Jake pulls up a crab jackpot, he must choose whether to follow Sig's orders or go out...

Episode 4

Norwegian Blood

Sig and Mandy try to convince seafood barons to buy an unfamiliar crab species but when Jake chases a lead, the Hansens must add a new boat to their fleet.

Episode 5

Hard Won Legacy

Sig ventures off in search of secrets. When Jake locates relatives, he puts together pieces of his family's past and information about his father.

Episode 6

Norse Inheritance

After guaranteeing a crab delivery, Sig must make good on his deal before time runs out. Mandy finds she has an eye for traditional Norwegian cuisine.

Episode 7

All On The Line

Sig makes an ambitious deal for 25 tons of live king crab. As Mandy shops for a new boat, Sig and Jake head to the Russian line to find the...

Episode 8

For King And Country

Far short of their million-dollar Norwegian goal, Sig and Jake steam far north to fill their tanks with Russian kings, while Mandy captains a new boat.

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