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Coming Soon

Episode 1


Newport, Oregon is a fishing town along the edge of the 'Graveyard of the Pacific'. Here, Dungeness crab fishermen sacrifice everything to carve an existence from the sea.

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Episode 2

Pacific Fury

A savage winter storm swallows Oregon's Dungeness crab grounds, forcing Captains to either run or fight - a decision their families on land must deal with as well.

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Episode 3

Lost At Sea

As a winter storm tears through the Dungeness crab grounds, a Mayday from a capsized boat echoes across the fleet and four lives hang in the balance.

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Episode 4

Cursed Bay

A week after losing a boat and three men to the ocean, Oregon's crab fleet suffers another devastating shipwreck, and more lives hang in the balance.

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Episode 5

Another Lost Soul

A massive storm hits Oregon's crab grounds and the fleet gets devastating news about one of their own. Is the risk of fishing through deadly seas worth the reward?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Final Crossing

After weeks battling the Pacific, Oregon's crab fleet nears the finish line. Lethal waves mean Captain Mikey Retherford Jr faces a deadly bar crossing into port.