Episode 1


Newport, Oregon is a fishing town along the edge of the 'Graveyard of the Pacific'. Here, Dungeness crab fishermen sacrifice everything to carve an existence from the sea.

Episode 2

Pacific Fury

A savage winter storm swallows Oregon's Dungeness crab grounds, forcing Captains to either run or fight - a decision their families on land must deal with as well.

Episode 3

Lost At Sea

As a winter storm tears through the Dungeness crab grounds, a Mayday from a capsized boat echoes across the fleet and four lives hang in the balance.

Episode 4

Cursed Bay

A week after losing a boat and three men to the ocean, Oregon's crab fleet suffers another devastating shipwreck, and more lives hang in the balance.

Episode 5

Another Lost Soul

A massive storm hits Oregon's crab grounds and the fleet gets devastating news about one of their own. Is the risk of fishing through deadly seas worth the reward?

Episode 6

Final Crossing

After weeks battling the Pacific, Oregon's crab fleet nears the finish line. Lethal waves mean Captain Mikey Retherford Jr faces a deadly bar crossing into port.

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