Episode 1

Online Secrets

The bodies of a mother and daughter are found in Charlottesville. Investigators discover a secret online relationship that might be the key to finding the murderer.

Episode 2

A Shot In The night

A single mother is found dead in an apparent suicide. However, the absence of a gun at the crime scene leads police down a trail of dark secrets.

Episode 3

A Killer Unveiled

A community is left in shock when a well-liked father is found brutally murdered in his own bed. How will police get on the trail of an unlikely murderer?

Episode 4

Hidden Evil

When an aspiring entrepreneur suddenly vanishes, investigators launch a frantic search. Was she harbouring dark and violent secret that got her killed?

Episode 5

Hidden In Plain Sight

When popular young mother goes missing, her disappearance is a mystery. After a four-month search, police find her body, and a chilling murder is revealed.

Episode 6

Murder In The Park

A single mother is brutally assaulted and left in a secluded park to die. As the police investigate, they discover a trail of blind loyalty and deadly betrayal.

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