Episode 1

Born of the Storm

The Temple Troop has dominated Monkey City for years, but times are changing. Their ancient foes the Black Claws dream of overthrowing them and their home.

Episode 2

To Be King

War between the monkeys of Temple Troop and the Black Claws is brewing and aging King Lear has to fend off a potential rebellion for his crown.

Episode 3

Invasion of the Black Claws

The aging Lear's leadership has ended and Hector is the new monkey king. Meanwhile, the Black Claws make their initial plot to take over Fig Tree Vale.

Episode 4

Battle for Fig Tree Vale

When the Black Claws launch a full-scale attack, Fig Tree Vale becomes a savage battleground - only one tribe of monkeys can rule.

Episode 5

Into the Badlands

The exiled Temple Troop wanders the desolate Badlands facing starvation while the triumphant Black Claws, and their Queen Pandora, plunder Fig Tree Vale.

Episode 6

Wrath of the Monkey God

Drought has come to the Badlands and the Temple Troop begins a search for water. Meanwhile, in Fig Tree Vale, the Black Claws are being watched.

Episode 7

The Stranger

The Black Claw's Queen Pandora is dead and her crown must pass to her daughter, Scarlett. In the Badlands, the Temple Troop is stalked by a mysterious outsider.

Episode 8

Here Be Dragons

Queen Scarlett fans the flames of rebellion when she crushes the proletariat leader Jezebel. Meanwhile in the Badlands, Queen Gemini learns more about humans.

Episode 9

Into the Human Hell

In Fig Tree Vale, Jezebel challenges Scarlett to become Queen of the Black Claws while the Temple Troop venture deeper into the land where humans dwell.

Episode 10

Monsters in the Market

In the land of the humans, Temple Troop discover the market is ruled by an urban army. In Fig Tree Vale, Jezebel continues to challenge Queen Scarlett.

Episode 11

Black Claw Rebellion

In Monkey City, rebel leader Jezebel embarks on a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, the Temple Troop face new terrors in the Badlands.

Episode 12

The Gods of War

A mighty empire is torn apart by civil war as Scarlett and her Black Claw aristocracy battle Jezebel's army. Meanwhile, the Temple Troop is on the move.

Episode 13

Return of the King

In Monkey City, the Temple Troop seek vengeance upon their ancient foe - the Black Claws. The two armies clash in the battle for Fig Tree Vale.

Episode 14

Behind the Scenes

The real stars of Monkey City, the toque macaques of Polonnuruwa, take center stage as we see how the graphic novel-inspired series was made.

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