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Cory is forced to fly from America to Poland when his pilots quit in the middle of a job. But can the plane handle the distance? Meanwhile two new pilots try to outfly a hurricane.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Fuel Critical

Pilots Cory and Kerry experience engine trouble while crossing the Amazon rainforest. Plus, Randy readies a UN cargo plane for a 7,500-mile trek to South Sudan.

Episode 4

Fear Factor

Pilots Pete and Brad agree to fly a King Air from the UK to the U.S. But Pete's confidence is shaken when he witnesses a tragic air accident. Can he...

Episode 5

Dark Skies

Veteran pilots Kerry and Marcio fly a sleek Phenom jet from Australia to the U.S. But can they get to grips with the plane's advanced computer systems?

Episode 6

Prop Jockeys

Pete and Brad prepare to fly an old Cheyenne to the Philippines, but problems with the fuel tank cause serious delays. Can they get this elderly plane off the ground?

Episode 7

No End in Sight

Kerry and Stu battle storms, engine problems and a stomach bug on a flight from Singapore to the U.S. Meanwhile, Pete and Brad encounter problems with the Cheyenne.

Episode 8

Cockpit Crisis

After a series of maintenance issues, Cory and Randy are forced to deliver the old Cheyenne. Will this plane make it from Alaska to the Philippines?