Episode 1

Tigers of Shark Bay

The late Steve Irwin learns how to trap an 11-foot tiger shark in a plastic bag and catch a tiger by the tail in Western Australia's Shark Bay.

Episode 2

Crocs in the City

The late Steve Irwin is invited to Mexico to study the problem of crocodiles that are living in the middle of two major Mexican cities.

Episode 3

Island of Snakes

Steve travels to Sri Lanka to investigate why this country has the highest number of incidents of snakebite deaths in the world.

Episode 4

Search for a Super Croc

In this Australian adventure, the late Steve Irwin attempts to unmask these secret reptiles that have survived for over 60 million years.

Episode 5

Ice Breaker

The late Steve Irwin goes sub-zero to interact with Antarctica's wildlife. He slides with penguins and spends time with two friendly humpback whales.

Episode 6

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