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1st June



Episode 1

Robert's Great Gator Challenge

As baby Grace discovers the world, Robert attempts the biggest Gator move in Australia Zoo history. Meanwhile, Terri helps the Sumatran Elephants.

Episode 2

Bad Boy Bunker

Robert handles a hostile wombat called Bunker, and it's moving day for a giant anaconda called Nikki. Terri helps treat hundreds of lorikeets injured by a hailstorm.

Episode 3

Terri's Wonder Wallaby

Terri responds when wallaby Daniel is severely injured and cannot walk. Robert and Chandler catch some waves before going to pick up a new Komodo dragon.

Episode 4

The Puggle Struggle

Chandler must handle a koala crisis, while Terri lends a hand to care for an influx of puggles. Plus, a turtle called Billy undergoes a critical surgery.

Episode 5

Tiny But Poisonous

Bindi welcomes the arrival of tiny poison dart frogs to their new home at the zoo. Terri takes charge when the crew moves Bosco out of the Crocoseum.

Episode 6

Grace's Garden

Robert races to safety when a croc called Casper attacks during a feed. Plus, tragedy strikes when urgent repairs begin on the Rainforest Aviary.

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