Episode 1

Australia Zoo Begins Again

After weeks of being closed due to the pandemic, the Irwins prepare for the reopening of the zoo. Plus, Robert helps deliver a litter of tiger cubs.

Episode 2

Tiger Triplets

Bindi and the family plan an emotional surprise for Terri in the Crocoseum. Plus, Robert gets stuck in with helping the zoo's three new adorable tiger cubs.

Episode 3

Bushfire Rescue

After historical wildfires strike Australia, the Irwins race to rescue as many animals as possible. Robert and Terri help the severely injured koala population.

Episode 4

A Baby Giraffe's Tall Order

After the birth of Talbert the giraffe, serious complications arise. Plus, Robert rescues an entangled swan caught in a fishing line.

Episode 5

Wildlife Hospital Warriors

Terri and Bindi join the team at The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital as they treat an incredible range of animals. And, a koala undergoes surgery.

Episode 6

Double Puggle

Bindi and the zoo welcome two baby echidnas, but health concerns become a major threat for one puggle's survival. Plus, a jabiru goes missing!

Episode 7

Robert And Big, Bad Bosco

Robert continues his father's legacy as he works with Bosco, an aggressive crocodile. Plus, Bindi assists with a koala suffering with chlamydia.

Episode 8

Bindi's Croc Trip Surprise

The family return to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Rescue to study crocodiles. Then, Bindi and Chandler reveal an exciting, life-changing announcement.

Episode 9

Komodo Connection

Robert watches anxiously as Indah the Komodo dragon meets a potential mating partner. Plus, Terri deals with a python with an unusual lump.

Episode 10

Backyard Croc Rescue

It's a big day at the zoo as they welcome four Sumatran elephants. Robert rescues a crocodile from a suburban backyard and Bindi and Chandler have a surprise!

Episode 11

Nothing Stops Bindi

A pregnant Bindi continues to work saving animals at the Wildlife Hospital. And, Steve's dream of breeding cassowaries may finally become a reality.

Episode 12

Stormin' Norman

The Irwins take action when a beloved crocodile becomes critically ill. And, Terri welcomes five fluffy koala joeys from Kangaroo Island.

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