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About The Show

The family make their annual trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve to study wild crocodiles, and continue the mission started by Steve.


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Episode 1

Steve's Legacy Continues

Steve Irwin's son Robert follows in his footsteps. After months of training, it's time for him to solo feed the most notorious croc at the Australia Zoo.

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Episode 2

Tiger Eyes

Hunter the tiger is being sedated for his annual eye check, allowing Terri to get close. Bindi puts on a birthday party for Minibus - the Zoo's oldest Wombat.

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Episode 3

Giraffe Road Trip

Terri, Bindi and Robert prepare Croc One, Steve Irwin's research ship, for a special mission to release an endangered sea turtle back into the wild.

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Episode 4

Robert, King Of Cobras

Robert follows in Steve's steps wrangling Utah, a highly venomous King Cobra. A vet from the zoo's hospital, Dr. Amber, visits Tandora to treat wild Koalas.

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Episode 5

Bindi's Lemur Island

Robert helps out with a health check for the zoo's unusual-looking alligator snapping turtles. Terri and Bindi welcome seven new Lemurs from the US.

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Episode 6

Irwin African Adventure

Following Steve's global conservation dream, the Irwins go to South Africa. Terri helps release a wild leopard. Bindi meets an all-female anti-poaching team.

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Episode 7

It's A Baby Giraffe!

There's huge excitement at Australia Zoo: Rosie the Giraffe is set to give birth! Robert has a bloody encounter with a wild python that entered an enclosure.

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Episode 8

Robert's Baby Kangaroo

While Bindi and the keepers ready Sophie the baby Giraffe for her first steps into her enclosure, Robert helps to raise another baby: Melman the Kangaroo.

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Episode 9

Race To Save The Platypus

Terri welcomes Mballa, a new cheetah cub from South Africa, to the Australia Zoo family. Meanwhile, Robert sets out to save a stranded platypus.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Tortoise First Date

Love is in the air at Australia Zoo! Terri helps determine if Caballe the Rhino is pregnant, while Robert matchmakes the zoo's Aldabra giant tortoises.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Swimming With Manta Rays

Robert travels to the Great Barrier Reef to help conduct research on manta rays. Plus, the zoo's staff team up to save a baby wallaby struggling to survive.

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Episode 12

Pawing Terri's Heart

Terri attends the exam of Charlie the tiger to see if his tumours were successfully treated. And, Bindi helps develop a vaccine for Eden the Tasmanian Devil.

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Episode 13

Bindi & The Otters

Wes and Robert remove eggs from the nest of dangerous saltwater crocs Terra and Bosco. Meanwhile, Bindi tends to the training of otters Percival and Daisy.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Steve's Croc Mission Lives On

The family make their annual trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve to study wild crocodiles, and continue the mission started by Steve.