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The family make their annual trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve to study wild crocodiles, and continue the mission started by Steve.


Episode 1

Life In Lockdown

When the zoo closes due to the global pandemic, Terri must race to find funds to keep all the animals fed. Newlyweds Bindi and Chandler help out.

Episode 1

Bosco The Croc's Big Move

Robert takes on the challenge of relocating Bosco, the zoo's most aggressive croc. Terri helps Harley the koala find love after a tough breeding season.

Episode 2

Robert's Python Swim

Robert gets set to swim with Gloria, a huge reticulated python, for the first time in the Crocoseum. Plus, Bindi welcomes home two orphaned kangaroo joeys.

Episode 3

Oscar The Grouchy Frogmouth

Terri returns to her hometown in Oregon to help Brady, a cougar in need of a health check. At the zoo, Bindi bathes an echidna with bad skin allergies.

Episode 4

Big Day for Baby Rhino

Terri helps prepare the zoo's new baby rhino for a life-saving vaccine. Meanwhile, Robert is on a rescue mission to save two black swans in bad shape.

Episode 5

Crocodile Love Story

It's moving day for Acco, the zoo's biggest crocodile. But his mate Cassie goes into hiding as the team races to reunite the pair in their new enclosure.

Episode 6

Road Trip Rescue

The Irwins caravan into the Outback to release baby kangaroos and an emu onto their wildlife conservation area. But they find more animals in need of rescue.

Episode 7

Robert & The Rattlesnakes

Robert wrangles Western Diamondback rattlesnakes in Arizona for the first time using his dad's techniques. Terri helps save some baby feathertail gliders.

Episode 8

Swimming With Steve

Bindi swims alongside whale sharks, assisting with research efforts on the world's largest fish. Robert works to save an echidna that's trapped under a fridge.

Episode 9

Robert's Alligator Feeding Frenzy

Robert feeds 44 hungry alligators, all at the same time. Terri helps examine Kaitlyn the tiger and makes a thrilling discovery.

Episode 10

Turtles Take Flight

Robert and Terri take to the skies to release some sea turtles near the Great Barrier Reef. Bindi eagerly awaits the birth of the zoo's first tiger cub in years.

Episode 11

Robert Trains A Dragon

Robert and Indah, a Komodo dragon, participate in an exciting research experiment. Terri tries to save a koala joey with a zero percent chance of survival.

Episode 12

Bindi Says Yes!

As Bindi celebrates her 21st birthday, she gets a surprise proposal from her boyfriend. Meanwhile, things get dangerous as Robert wrangles gators in thick mud.

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