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Delving inside the criminal minds and exploring the roots of more deadly duos, this series investigates some of the most terrifying crimes in recent history.


Episode 1

A Slice of Murder

A deranged pizzeria manager exacts a grim revenge upon his former co-workers and flees to California with his girlfriend; will his killing spree continue?

Episode 2

Houseguests From Hell

Crystal abandons her kids and skips town with her lover and a sidekick. But when the wild trio outstay their welcome at her grandpa's, will they leave quietly?

Episode 3

Fascination with Death

Jonathan and Jeremiah become friends in a special facility for the criminally insane. Will they act out their murderous fantasies when they are released?

Episode 4

No Sharing Allowed

When two girls fall in love in small town Texas an amateur pornographer tries to exploit their taste for drugs and end their fairy tale. Will they seek revenge?

Episode 5

Lust for Life

Mark is desperate to work out who has stolen his identity and how they have run up huge bills on his cards. When he receives a suspicious package will he...

Episode 6

The Power of Love

Delinquent childhood sweethearts Melissa and Jason are reunited in adulthood with murderous results. Can this deadly duo be separated?

Episode 7

The Body Shifters

Tess persuades her infatuated lover Bryan to murder her violent and alcoholic mother. But will their remorse undo the young lovers and expose their terrible crime?

Episode 8

Death Ride

Deranged ex-military men Jamie and Tom kidnap and murder a taxi driver en route to visiting Jamie's girlfriend at the maternity ward. Will they kill again?

Episode 9

Rebels with a Deadly Cause

Lovers John and Robyn are enjoying a murderous crime spree in the San Gabriel Valley with their friend Vincent. Can the deadly trio be stopped?

Episode 10

Weapons Of Mass Seduction

Seedy conman Robert and high class call girl Karen rob and kill a client and go on the run. But when their money runs out will they strike again?

Episode 11

Dressed to Kill

When Mike finds his young wife on their kitchen floor with her wrists slashed he races her to hospital and she narrowly survives. Why is Leslie so desperate?

Episode 12

Love Me Tenderizer

Meth dealer Mike and his addict girlfriend Becky embark on a drug fuelled killing spree. How many violent fantasies will they enact before they are stopped?

Episode 13

A Rose Amongst Thorns

A young mother goes missing from an isolated rural home in Clifton. Where is Rose, and what do her in-laws know about her uncharacteristic disappearance?

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