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27th January


About The Show

Bruce wants to impress a mega-rich customer – Russian Oligarch Slava – and offers him to drive his rare German Hetzer tank. Will Slava be lured into a deal?


Coming Soon

Episode 1

French Resistance

Bruce is tasked with creating a display based on the French Resistance: a parachute basket filled with items the RAF would have dropped to the Resistance in WWII.

Coming Soon

Episode 2


Bruce heads to Ypres looking for items from WWI, finding a German trench mortar. He also goes for a ride in a WWI-era British tank - one of the first...

Coming Soon

Episode 3


Bruce finds a picture in his attic from Dunkirk, given to him by a soldier who was there. Bruce and Hus go on a hunt for kit that tells the...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Battle Of The Bulge

A client wants a German half-track armoured personnel carrier converted into a Pioneer variant, used by the German army during the Battle of the Bulge.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

War Factories

A French museum asks Bruce for help in acquiring an incredibly rare German Panzer 1 tank. He also explores the remains of secret underground Nazi war factories.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

After D-Day

Bruce helps a Texan millionaire who wants to collect memorabilia from the Battle of Normandy. He visits farmhouses and museums to find rare items like a 1942 Luger.

Coming Soon

Episode 7


A Hollywood blockbuster needs an authentic WWII SAS jeep within two weeks. It's a tight deadline but Bruce is determined to meet it, as the wartime SAS is a passion...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Cold War

Bruce heads to a cold war underground bunker that has been converted to a museum. The curator is looking for some Soviet era equipment to tell the other side of...

Jan 27


Episode 9

Battle Of Berlin

A Russian client is looking for artefacts from the fall of Berlin. Bruce sees an opportunity to offload a German 88mm anti-tank weapon that was used in the battle.

Jan 28


Episode 10


Bruce hears about some second world war British airborne division gear from the battle of Arnhem for sale, which is of big interest to ex-paratroopers like him and Freddie.