About The Show

Bruce Crompton is a master of finding military memorabilia. With his team of ex-soldiers and engineers, he travels the world to buy, restore and sell wartime artefacts. This five-part series explores a different theme each episode, kick starting with a personal pilgrimage to explore the Airborne troops’ vital role in the defeat of the Germans in WW2. The series also looks at finding and restoring some of WW2’s rare tanks, searching for resistance spy gear, as well as some authentic and rare sartorial uniforms.


Episode 1


Ex-paras Bruce Crompton and Freddie Kruyer explore the troops' vital role in defeating the Germans in WW2. They collect authentic gear and uniforms before they jump.

Episode 2


Bruce and his team embark on a tour across Europe to buy and restore some of WW2's rarest tanks. Later, he shows off his famous Sherman in a home-movie re-enactment.

Episode 3

Spooks, Spies And Resistance

Bruce and the team hunt down the rarest and most inventive spy gear used during WW2, from a rare Enigma machine in Italy to a special pencil in the UK.

Episode 4

Dressed To Kill

The team look for the most impressive and advanced uniforms of WW2, exploring the vital role of clothing and kit in gaining an advantage against the enemy.

Episode 5

Allies Vs Nazis

Bruce searches land, sea and skies in a mission to settle the score on whether the Allies or the Nazis were truly the most advanced side of the Second World...

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