About The Show

Casey and Chris Keefer are two explorers in search of the world’s best hidden secrets. Casey is the history buff and when it comes to unexplained mysteries, he will be the one digging for evidence. Chris uses his love of tech to help reach those spots that are too narrow, deep and high for them to get to.

In this series, the brothers travel to the heart of Alaska to recover a plane that disappeared whilst carrying two American politicians. The brothers use their expertise to conquer the elements and solve this 47-year-old mystery. Amongst other expeditions, the brothers also traverse the thick and muggy Amazon jungle in search of the famous lost City of Gold.


Episode 1

Alaska Triangle

Chris and Casey trek into the heart of Alaska to recover a lost plane that crashed whilst carrying two politicians onboard. Can they solve the 47-year-old mystery?

Episode 2

Vanished Confederate Treasure

The brothers head to Virginia on a quest to find a long-lost Confederate treasury. They trek through unforgiving terrain to try to solve the mystery.

Episode 3

Swift Silver

Chris and Casey hunt for a legendary silver mine worth millions of dollars. A cryptic journal leads them into the wilds of Kentucky - can they find the treasure?

Episode 4

Aztecs In America

The brothers trek through snow and relentless terrain in pursuit of a legendary Aztec treasure. What is rumoured to be hidden in the Utah mountains?

Episode 5

Lost Race Of Giants

Chris and Casey Keefer travel to Ecuador in search of a colony of giants. They trek through the dense jungle, looking for clues leading to the lost civilisation.

Episode 6

The Curse Of El Dorado

Casey and Chris are on the road to El Dorado. Using clues left behind by Percy Fawcett, they head deep into the Amazon in search of the lost City of...

Episode 7

Lost Treasure Of Panther Key

Casey and Chris head to Florida in search of the loot of pirate Jose Gaspar. They leave no stone unturned as they hunt for the $30 million treasure.

Episode 8

Dutch Schultz's Missing Millions

Chris and Casey Keefer are in New York tracking down the lost fortune of Dutch Schultz. The brothers use Schultz's final words to guide them.

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