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About The Show

AC/DC frontman and motor enthusiast Brian Johnson delves into the history of classic cars.


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Episode 1


AC/DC frontman and motor enthusiast Brian Johnson delves into the rich history of the Mini, and gets to the bottom of the world's enduring love for this truly iconic car.

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Episode 2


Brian travels to Alsace in France to learn the story of this iconic manufacturer, from racing origins to its modern rebirth with the mythical monster of a car, the Veyron.

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Episode 3

Rolls Royce

Favoured by the elite, from royalty to rock stars, Rolls Royce is the epitome of the luxury car. Brian travels to the Rolls factory and meets to learn about their...

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Episode 4


Brian travels to Italy to uncover the colourful history behind this epic brand, and in doing so he learns about the passion it ignites in people across the country.

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Episode 5


Bentley may be an icon of beauty and luxury, but it also has a rugged and powerful past on the race track. Brian gets a glimpse of the glory days...

Coming Soon

Episode 6


The Porsche 911 is the world's most iconic sports car. On its 50th anniversary, Brian heads to Stuttgart, the home of Porsche, to delve into the rich history of the...