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About The Show

Families leave behind the mainland and head to the Caribbean to search for an affordable gorgeous home on one of the white sandy beaches.


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Episode 1

Harmonizing In Providenciales

A rock-and-roll family of six want to move from New Jersey to Turks and Caicos. The parents want their children to experience the island's culture.

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Episode 2

Relaxing In Turks And Caicos

A New York couple are ready to leave their hectic city lifestyles behind them. They are searching for an oceanfront condo in Turks and Caicos.

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Episode 3

From The Farm To Nevis

A Massachusetts farmer and his family want to spend more time together. They need to find a three-bedroom house with a pool and plenty of land on Nevis.

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Episode 4

Finding Zen In Nevis

A Virginian couple and their three grown-up children want to find a house that the whole family can enjoy. Can they find a property that suits all their needs?

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Episode 5

Warming Up In Utila

A family are ready to leave the long Canadian winters. They want to buy a property in Utila in Honduras, to show their children peaceful island living.

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Episode 6

A Simple Life On Roatan

A scuba-diving couple want to settle their roots on the island of Roatan in Honduras. They are leaving their Californian home for a no-frills beach house.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

A New Business On Roatan

A Colorado couple are opening a water skiing business in Honduras. They want a rustic home with plenty of land, so they can create their own beach resort.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A New Life In Bocas Del Toro

A Californian couple want to retire in Bocas del Toro in Panama. They enlist a broker's help to find their dream property in paradise.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Paradise In Bocas Del Toro

A Californian woman wants to escape the hustle and bustle of her Hollywood lifestyle. She looks for a home in the serene and picturesque Bocas del Toro.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Peace In Las Terrenas

A Californian woman wants to move away from her busy life and dreams of a relaxing lifestyle with plenty of yoga in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Dominican Dream Home

A young Philadelphia lawyer looks for her dream home in the Dominican Republic. Although the home will be hers, it needs to be big enough for the whole family.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Raising A Family On St. Croix

After visiting St. Croix on vacation, a Texan couple are ready to start a new chapter. They want a family-friendly home to raise their child.