Episode 1

Colin Howell And Hazell Buchanan

When a God-fearing dentist and Sunday school teacher fall in love, two things stand in their way - their partners - leading to a double murder.

Episode 2

Carol Croydon

When Philip Croydon is found dead in a hotel room blindfolded with his hands tied, it's thought he is a victim of a doomed sex game - but his wife...

Episode 3

Asher Maslin

Hollie Gazzard and Asher Maslin meet in a bar and fall madly in love - but Maslin is hiding his mental illness and when she ends it, he decides no-one...

Episode 4

Kevin Nunn

A loving relationship turns sour when Kevin Nunn becomes increasingly controlling over girlfriend Dawn Walker. Jealousy and stalking ensues, leading to a brutal murder.

Episode 5

Stephen Barnsdale Quean

Financial problems push Stephen Barnsdale Quean's 10-year marriage to the limit. He strangles wife Chantelle to death, claiming she attacked him.

Episode 6

Hugo Quintas

Portuguese national Hugo Quintas is instantly drawn to Hayley Richards. They have a passionate love affair, but when she falls pregnant, his jealousy leads to murder.

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