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13th December


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Dave has his hands full trying to build a 1959 Buick Invicta – which pushes the shop to the max – and even to a foundry straight out of medieval times.


Dec 13



Episode 5

It's A Barn Door Deluxe

Dave has done double-cab VWs, Bugs, and Karmann Ghias, but now he is taking on something completely different - and even more rare.

Dec 20



Episode 6

The Big Brother

The crew matches the two-tone paint job on the '53 Barn Door Deluxe build. They add a custom trim, a new, more powerful engine, 22 windows and a custom interior.

Episode 1

'Mueller? 'Mueller?

Of all the different versions of the VW Bug, there is one that stands out among the rest - the Hebmueller. There are thought to be only about 200 of...

Episode 2

The Holy Grail But Customized

The VW Bug build continues, and the challenge is to keep what makes the car a Hebmueller intact, while taking bold steps to turn it into a hot rod.

Episode 3

Meet Judge KevDogg

Normally when Kindig-It Design attends a car show, their cars are the ones being judged. This time around, Dave and Kev select the top 10 builders at a show.

Episode 4

Talking 'Bout Restorations?

Dave takes on a restoration for clients celebrating their 25th anniversary. They've owned the car since they got married, so he adds custom pieces.

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