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30th January


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Dave has his hands full trying to build a 1959 Buick Invicta – which pushes the shop to the max – and even to a foundry straight out of medieval times.


Jan 30



Episode 13

Rumble In The Rockies

The shop hits the road with their freshest builds to check out the competition. Will and Dave's cousin Brad give their views on the cars they come across.

Feb 6



Episode 15

Super Charged And Super Secret

The 1955 Nomad is an iconic car, but the original power isn't enough for the current owner, who wants the guys to put a blower on to boost the power.

Episode 1

How Hard Can A Hardtop Be?

A 1971 Chevy Nova with tremendous pedigree arrives at the shop to get classic styling cues. Most importantly, Dave wants to make this car into a hardtop.

Episode 2

The Gentleman's Hot Rod

Challenges mount at each stage of this Hot Rod build, and the upholstery shop changes up their routine as the client arrives for a long-awaited reveal.

Episode 3

Just Pick A Color

While the shop has been perfecting the process in building the CF1s, word about the car has gotten out, and potential buyers are lining up.

Episode 4

Blue Suede Cruise

Dave and Kev take the show to the American Midwest, as more than 2,500 cars descend on the Summit Motorsports drag strip for a weekend of fun and RPMs.

Episode 5

A Bitchin' Mission

A regular client enlists Dave and the gang in a mission to make a long-held dream of a father/son road trip along route 66 become reality.

Episode 6

Starry Starry Night

A semi hauler comes in for a makeover, and since KevDogg's the resident truck expert, he takes centre stage on the design and oversees the build.

Episode 7

Is There Anything Good On It?

A 1969 Camaro comes in and the team determine it needs a full rebuild. The client decides to go all-out on the chassis, engine and every detail.

Episode 8

Mean, Green And Bitchin'

With the Camaro's design firmed up, the build continues, but hits a roadblock. Plus, Dave has second thoughts about the colour combination.

Episode 9

The Kindig Academy

After years of planning, Dave celebrates the opening of his passion project, the Kindig Academy. The team throws a car show and has a friendly competition.

Episode 14

There's A Bolt In My Motor

What starts out as a simple engine repair on a 1935 Roadster V8 turns into a full rebuild. The shop gets pushed to the limit on this car.

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