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Follow savvy auction specialists as they travel the world looking to snatch up unclaimed and lost personal property, all in an attempt to turn huge profits.


Episode 1

Swami Says

The buyers are once again on the road in search of profit, this time at an estate auction in Texas. Unique, high-end merchandise is the order of the day in...

Episode 2

Inflated Egos

The buyers return to Georgia, but this time take their auction battle out of Atlanta to the city of Commerce. Artefacts and iconic advertising pieces are up for grabs.

Episode 3

Intergalactic Bounty

An eclectic mix of items calls to the buyers, drawing them back once again to do battle in Nashville. Items include a box full of license plates.

Episode 4

Steal Drum

The buyers are once again in Nashville, TN. Billy, Mark, Laurence and Sally have returned to Music City Auction for all the great items that always seem to be on...

Episode 5

Monster Money

The buyers are in Hollywood for one of the largest movie monster memorabilia auctions of all time. Items include pieces from Frankenstein and Wolf Man movies.

Episode 6

Greedy Pig

The buyers head south again, this time to the affluent Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, seeking valuable items at a local Man Cave auction. But who will come away happy?

Episode 7

Walk the Plank

Super Auctions collects some of the most iconic items from Orlando's star attractions and sells them to the highest bidder. How will the buyers get on?

Episode 8

It's Not Easy Making Green

The buyers have travelled to Allentown in search of old money. Items up for grabs today include rare Civil War-era objects from Gettysburg.

Episode 9

Dino Mite

Vintage advertising pits the buyers against each other in Knoxville, where Sally spends big to win a dinosaur. Meanwhile, Billy's attempt at sabotage backfires.

Episode 10

Big Boy Bucks

The buyers take a gamble on vintage casino and advertising items, including a Bob's Big Boy statue in Vegas. Meanwhile, a rare Elvis recording could pay off big time.

Episode 11

Gunning for Dollars

A giant Gatling gun and a rare advertising piece from Nabisco Cookies are among the items that interest the buyers at a gambling auction in Las Vegas.

Episode 12

The Wizard of Odd

A lost property auction in reveals an old-school boom box from the 1980s, while a buyer is over the rainbow about a rare 'Wizard of Oz' piece in a sealed...

Episode 13

Safari Sale

The buyers visit South Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime auction, and Billy appraises a ceremonial mask. Will profit still be made outside the specialist's comfort zone?

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