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About The Show

Chad Hiltz is the boss of builds. With his trusty Green Goblin Customs team, he takes scraps of metal from the junkyard and turns them into award-winning cars.


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Episode 1

They Call Me Bad Chad

Chad Hiltz makes an elegant one-of-a-kind coupe in his shop. He uses spare parts, recycled metal and a rusted out 1939 Studebaker Commander to build the car.

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Episode 2

You Use What You Got

Chad Hiltz helps his friend James to build a promotional truck to help sell his cider business. The team uses a 1934 Desoto Airflow as the base for the new...

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Episode 3

Cooler Than Dangit

Chad Hiltz hosts an annual car show, Rockerbilly Weekend, in his back yard to promote Green Goblin Customs. The team build a cheap car for a big raffle prize.

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Episode 4

To The Moon!

Chad creates a space-age drag car from a station wagon. He and the team imagine a car with wings, in-line seating and topped with an 18-inch bubble.

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Episode 5

Dirty Hands, Clean Money

With just hours to finish the space-age custom dragster, the cut rate supercharger Colton brought in threatens to derail the entire build.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

For Kings And Queens

Chad takes on his biggest build yet: an elegant 1930s speedster to debut at a charity golf tournament. He builds his creation from scratch with a '35 Hupmobile.