Episode 1

Guns & Moonshiners

Kirk and Jason are part-time archaeology professors to track a rare gun allegedly owned by outlaw John Wesley Hardin and a suit connected to Bonnie & Clyde.

Episode 2

Bullets & Bloodsuckers

Kirk and Jason hunt a beast believed to be the mythical bloodsucking chupacabra and investigate a bullet that may contain bone from Texas hero Sam Houston.

Episode 3

UFOs and Atom Bombs

Kirk and Jason go to New Mexico to investigate a camera linked to the Manhattan Project, and strange, metallic debris recovered from Roswell.

Episode 4

Witches and White Magic

Kirk and Jason investigate supernatural objects and a stone believed to bear traces of Scottish explorers who landed in America before Columbus.

Episode 5

Cold Steel, Stone Faces

Kirk and Jason investigate a sword that may have spilled American blood during the Revolution and some mysterious, possibly ancient, stone carvings.

Episode 6

War and Pieces

Kirk and Jason unlock the secrets of a box containing money and keepsakes that span centuries, and unravel the mystery of a flag with ties to a wartime past.

Episode 7

Big Easy Legends

Kirk and Jason investigate a trumpet linked to jazz great Louis Armstrong. Later, they visit a bar to solve mysteries surrounding a rare absinthe fountain.

Episode 8

Pirates and Plunder

Kirk and Jason head to Florida shores once patrolled by buccaneers, to investigate a pirate hook and a gold ring with the seal of King Louis XIV.

Episode 9

Episode 9

Kirk and Jason visit a man in New Orleans who is rebuilding his house after Hurricane Katrina. He claims to have found some engraved stones, were they from a cemetery?

Episode 10

Episode 10

Kirk and Jason visit Florida to uncover the truth about a safe found in a restaurant. The owner believes it was once owned by the legendary Al Capone - what...

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