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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Dog Town, USA

Antonio helps a family who have opened their garden to all the dogs in the neighbourhood. They add a paddling pool, ramps and tunnels and custom dog houses!

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Episode 2

Chinchilla Chill Pad

The team create an elaborate system of tunnels and towers for a family's seven chinchillas. The males and females are separated to prevent new additions.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Cat Build Gone Wild

A couple ask Antonio to design the perfect outdoor area for their Savannah cat and foster kittens. He builds connected catwalks and intricate climbing surfaces.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Bunny Beach Bungalow

A couple need Antonio's help to gain back control of their space. Their five rescue bunnies have taken over the house and they want a designated area for them.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Pygmy Goat Playground

A family's two Nigerian dwarf goats wreak havoc in their backyard! So, designer Antonio transforms it into a fun goat playground, including a climbing tower.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Subterranean Paradise

Firefighter Ricky rescued a Burmese python from a burning building. In one of his biggest projects Antonio transforms a basement into an epic snake habitat.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Dragons' Den

Antonio meets a family with two bearded dragons stuck in a tank in a bedroom. He builds a backyard dragon clubhouse with a cool hangout spot for the family.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Rescue Ranch Remodel

Gentle Barn is home to more than 200 rescued animals including pigs, horses, a llama and even an emu. Antonio designs a build to get them active and moving.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Best Builds

Antonio and his team look back on some of their biggest and best builds. And, grateful owners give an update on how much the animals are enjoying their new cribs.