Episode 1

Secrets Of Skull Grave

Archaeologists use state-of-the-art digital technology to uncover the mystery behind human skulls from Chile. What happened to these discarded skulls?

Episode 2

War Of The Ancients

Archaeologists use new digital technology to try and solve the mystery behind an ancient burial ground filled with bones, swords, an axe and more in Germany.

Episode 3

Mystery On Easter Island

Archaeologists use new digital technology to understand the ancient moai statues of Easter Island and the purpose behind their mysterious placement.

Episode 4

Maze Of Cryptic Terror

Archaeologists use state-of-the-art digital technology to uncover the truth behind a cave wall in Nottinghamshire, England. What do the unusual symbols represent?

Episode 5

Legend Of The Cursed Temple

New digital technology reveals the origins of two mysterious Egyptian mummies. And, a ground-breaking survey uncovers a macabre Iron Age practice.

Episode 6

Gladiator Graveyard

New digital technology reveals secrets about the origins of Machu Picchu. And, laser technology uncovers the truth behind some hidden treasure.

Episode 7

Secrets Of Mayan Murders

3D modelling reveals the gruesome details of a Maya mass murder. Plus, advanced laser scanning uncovers the identity of a mysterious ancient carving.

Episode 8

Mystery Of The Child Mummies

Microbiology reveals why a Medieval child was buried with a stone in its mouth. And, science uncovers the truth behind a terrifying Roman weapon.

Episode 9

Grave Of The Red Skulls

State-of-the-art forensics reveal the shocking details behind mysterious red skulls found in a 500-year-old-grave. What happened at this horrific site?

Episode 10

Tomb Of The Red Queen

Experts use cutting-edge technology to reveal the mystery behind a red skeleton decorated in jade and pearl treasures in an abandoned Maya city.

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