Episode 1

Part 1

When 23-year old Stacey Peterson vanishes, suspicion lands on her police officer husband, Drew. Soon police learn his last wife died under mysterious circumstances.

Episode 1

Sex, Lies, And Missing Interns

When federal intern Chandra Levy went missing, America was shocked to discover the target of the case was Congressman Gary Condit.

Episode 2

The Predator In The Park

As police search for Chandra, a man in a park discovers a human skull. Then, a new suspect with a disturbing criminal record emerges.

Episode 2

Part 2

Prosecutors continue to investigate the Stacey Peterson disappearance. They soon discover a troubling pattern of abuse in Drew Peterson's previous marriages.

Episode 3

He Called Himself Phoenix

Ingmar Guandique faces trial for Chandra's murder. Then, a mysterious woman emerges with recordings that change the course of the case.

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