Episode 1

Railway Carriage - Part 1

Join Dave and Lizzie, who are already two months into converting a disused railway carriage into a holiday home.

Episode 2

Railway Carriage - Part 2

Some careful restoration gets under way to keep the original train compartment blinds and Keiren gets to grips with tiling the bathroom floor.

Episode 3

Railway Carriage - Part 3

Kieren helps Dave to build and install a fold-away table, plus the corridor ceiling is painted and basic kitchen plumbing is installed.

Episode 4

Railway Carriage - Part 4

Kieren tackles one of the trickiest jobs so far: building and installing a fire-door. He also starts some exterior work and finishes the kitchen tiles.

Episode 5

Railway Carriage - Part 5

The end is almost in sight for Dave and Lizzie and their holiday home carriage is finally being transported by low-loader into position at St Germans.

Episode 6

Chapel - Part 1

In Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, John and Anne purchase a former Methodist chapel and set about turning it into a five-bedroom home.

Episode 7

Chapel - Part 2

The chapel conversion in Northamptonshire is under way. Parts of the interior structure have seen major repairs, but there's still lots to be done.

Episode 8

Chapel - Part 3

When it is complete, the converted chapel will have 500 square feet of comfortable living space. In the meantime, there is still much work to be done.

Episode 9

Chapel - Part 4

Kieren's time on this project almost over but still left to do is replacing the old chapel windows, a tricky business while conforming to conservation regulations.

Episode 10

Chapel - Part 5

On site for just one more day, Kieren sets about installing a set of ornamental pillars and putting finishing touches to the chapel front door.

Episode 11

Boat - Part 1

Work is already under way on the conversion of an ex-navy vessel. Keiren Kelly has to get to grips with the unique problems thrown up by it not being in...

Episode 12

Boat - Part 2

Kieren Kelly returns to the navy-vessel conversion, and he has the task of building a glass display case under the main stairwell built from reclaimed bar fittings.

Episode 13

Boat - Part 3

Master craftsman Keiran Kelly joins Rolf and Jill in Ipswich, where they are converting an ex-navy vessel into a luxury home. How is their ambitious project shaping up?

Episode 14

Boat - Part 4

The ex-navy vessel converstion is starting to take shape. The boat's owners are keen on an ultra-modern look with amazing new products that not even Kieren's used!

Episode 15

Boat - Part 5

This is craftsman Keiren Kelly's last visit to the amazing conversion of an old boat into a luxury living space, as the project nears completion.

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