About The Show

In this documentary, experienced extreme cameraman Ed Wardle is dropped into the Yukon wilderness with just basic provisions and cameras to film his attempts to survive.


Episode 1

Alone In The Wild: Freddie Flintoff

How will this former cricket hero cope when left alone, with his camera, in remote Botswana? And will a close encounter with elephants break him?

Episode 2

Alone In The Wild: Jason Gardiner

Armed only with a camera, presenter Jason Gardiner battles storms and starvation on a deserted Belize island; but will the isolation break him?

Episode 3

Alone In The Wild: Joe Pasquale

Relentless rain is making foraging impossible for Joe, who is trying to survive in Guyana's rainforest; will maggots be enough to sustain him?

Episode 4

Alone In The Wild: Tanya Streeter And Amy Williams

Armed with only a camera, will sporting legends Tanya and Amy survive starvation and a cheetah encounter in remote Botswana?

Episode 5

Alone In The Wild: Donal McIntyre And Chris Ryan

Will intrepid adventurers Donal and Chris keep their nerve in Guyana's rainforests when unprecedented tropical storms strike?

Episode 6

Alone In The Wild: Aron Ralston

Can Aron, the legendary hiker who cut off his own arm to escape Blue John Canyon, survive Guyana's rainforests with only a camera for company?

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