Lowland Peaks: A Guide to the Highest Mountains in the Netherlands

It’s one of the flattest countries in the world, but we’re going in search of the highest mountains in the Netherlands.

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9 October 2023

Before asking about the highest mountains in the Netherlands, one might ask if there are any at all. After all, this northwest-European nation is famously low-lying, its mean elevation under 100 feet. Even its name means low-lying country. And, as for peaks, it’s also incredibly flat. So, surely therefore mountains are out of the question?

Well, no. There are, in fact, mountains in the Netherlands. And there are further surprises in store. Want to know more? Read on, as we reveal the surprisingly tall highest mountains in the Netherlands.

The Surprisingly High Highest Mountains in Netherlands Territory

High peaks near Arnhem (Credit: Rob Kints via Getty Images)

The Netherlands isn’t exactly known as a hotspot of volcanic activity. And yet the first on the official list of the highest mountains in the Netherlands is a dormant stratovolcano. It’s known as Mount Scenery and it reaches an elevation of 2,910 feet. How? Because it’s located not on the European mainland but in the Caribbean Netherlands, which are considered part of the Netherlands proper. Specifically, Mount Scenery is found on the island of Saba in the Lesser Antilles. Set within a national park, it last erupted in 1640 and even has a cloud forest at its summit.

Another of the Caribbean peaks counted among the Netherlands’s highest mountains is The Quill. Also known as Mount Mazinga, it’s also a stratovolcano, but located on the island of Sint Eustatius. Reaching 1,972 feet above sea level, it’s the second highest mountain in the Netherlands.

But what about the European Netherlands? Even here, there are some intriguing finds. These are located in the only part of the Netherlands with any elevated areas, in the southern part of the province of Limburg.


Vaalserberg, the tripoint between The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. (Credit: © Allard Schager via Getty Images)

If you thought that the Caribbean Netherlands were the only place to find Dutch mountains, think again. Introducing Vaalserberg, widely considered the number one – and arguably the only – of the highest mountains in the Netherlands. It rises to 1,058 feet, making it the highest point in the country. It’s also located at the tripoint between the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Thus, its summit is known as the three country point or “Drielandenpunt.”

The Vrouwenheide

Windmill Op de Vrouweheide (Credit: JStuij via Getty Images)

At just 715 feet high, many would argue that the Vrouwenheide, or Women’s Heath, is not a mountain. It is, however, the second highest point in the continental Netherlands. And cyclists often refer to it as a mountain given its steep slopes.

The Biggest Mountains of Netherlands

Views over the Dutch hillside near the village of Kuttingen (Credit: kim willems via Getty Images)

In the exploration of the Netherlands’s highest mountains, it’s evident that the nation, despite its predominantly flat geography, does not disappoint when it comes to varied elevations. Especially if one accounts for the tallest mountains in Netherlands territory as well. From the volcanic peaks in the Caribbean to the humble heights of Limburg, the Netherlands presents a diverse array of high points that defy its low-lying reputation. The adventurous journey from the dormant volcanoes of the Caribbean Netherlands to the scenic Vaalserberg and Vrouwenheide on the mainland offers a surprising and unique topographical experience, proving that even the flattest countries can reach great heights.


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