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The fishing industry has been hit by hard times, from lower numbers of fish to fewer jobs. Now, a group of fishermen hit by the recession are doing something about it. Following the lead of brash but experienced skipper Johnny Johnson Junior, they travel to international waters to capitalise on lucrative fisheries in this compelling series. Late in the North Atlantic bluefin season, Johnny and fellow skipper Dan Smith battle storms and a federal quota to bring home monster tuna and a paycheque. But as tensions flare with other crew members and engine failures cause havoc, life at sea is never easy in the fierce world of commercial fishing.


Episode 1

Mommy Can't Help You Out Here

To keep their family businesses afloat, two fishing boats band together in their hunt for giant bluefin tuna in the rough North Atlantic seas.

Episode 2

The Youngest Captain

Eighteen-year-old Captain Danny Smith Jr. makes his mark on the fleet with a massive tuna, but sparks fly when a veteran twice his age joins the crew.

Episode 3

Gut Punch

Captain Johnny gets off to a hot start with a jumbo tuna, but everything changes when all fishing is shut down. The Subdivider and Julia Nicole gamble on new grounds.

Episode 4

Cinderella Tuna

A storm hits Gloucester, pitting man versus nature as the captains hunt for a final score. With time running out, Danny Jr. lands a tuna that may save his season.

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