Episode 1

The Odds Are Good...

Fed up with bearded fisherman, six friends from a fishing island in Alaska ditch the freezing weather and head to Miami, hoping to meet the men of their dreams.

Episode 2

Hello, Sunshine

The women arrive in Miami, but they feel out of place with their winter outfits and they have no idea how to meet men. All except Sabina, that is... who...

Episode 3

Make Me Over, Miami

The women decide to get Miami makeovers to improve their odds with Miami men. During a visit to an open air gym, Heather falls for a charming personal trainer.

Episode 4

Girl Code

While Lacy and Sabina get closer with their Miami men, Jenny and Heather fight over a gorgeous Italian guy. Will each girl find the man of their dreams?

Episode 5

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Tina finally meets a guy, and Jenny's erratic behaviour spirals out of control. Plus, as their time in Miami ends, the women must decide their futures.

Episode 6

No Place Like Home

The women head back home, but big decisions loom for all six women as their journey ends. Plus, an unexpected visitor helps everyone realise what matters most.

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