Episode 1


John Nicol is at the 50th Paris Airshow, where he gets an in-depth introduction to the Airbus A380 and talks with Captain Frank P Santoni - test pilot for the...

Episode 2


John Nicol gets to see a number of aircraft, including the Lockheed Elektra, DC-3 and the 'Sally B' Flying Fortress which was used in the film 'Memphis Belle'.

Episode 3


Jon Nicol sees Harriers, Nimrods and Tornadoes, and watches the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, talking to Flight Lieutenant Ed Straw about flying the Lancaster.

Episode 4


Jon Nicol sees aircraft from the early days of flight through to WWII, including a replica Fokker Tri-plane modelled on the WWI flying ace the 'Black Baron'.

Episode 5


Jon Nicol is in Jersey where he sees the awesome B-52 Stratofortress with its 185 feet wingspan, and talks to Wing Commander Guy Stockwell about Jaguars.

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