Episode 1

American Fighters

Profiling the obstacles faced by the designers of the most advanced fighter aeroplanes of the past 50 years and the US's obsession with air dominance.

Episode 2

American Flying Boats

Once used for both commerce and combat, the unique capabilities of these machines made them indispensable to the growth of aviation.

Episode 3

Wings of Sweden

See how a country with limited resources was able to develop state-of-the-art military aircraft that remain unique and deadly to this day.

Episode 4

European Airliners

From the first commercial airline and the first all-metal aircraft, through a series of startling successes and daring failures, see every step of this exciting journey.

Episode 5

Russian Space

Discover how the masterminds of the Soviet space program stunned the world with their accomplishments, from Sputnik to Mir and the ISS.

Episode 6

British Fighter Aircraft

Follow the development of Britain's fighter aircraft through the 20th century, including how valuable they were during the first and second world wars.

Episode 7

American Military Helicopters

Profiling how these once-ridiculed modes of transport have evolved into some of the most useful combat vehicles ever.

Episode 8

American Naval Aircraft

Examining the largest of all ships: the monumental aircraft carrier, and the fighter planes and bombers that fly from them.

Episode 9

Russian Bombers

From the bizarre to the brilliant, take a look at the massive and powerful bombers of Soviet Russia. Some of these creations have to be seen to be believed.

Episode 10

European Naval Aircraft

The widespread hostilities of WWII proved the importance of aircraft that could operate both in the air and from the water.

Episode 11

Germany's Aircraft

During WWII, Luftwaffe pilots ruled the skies with fighters such as the Messerschmitt BF-109 and Focke Wulf. Trace the progress of Germany's aircraft.

Episode 12

British Bombers

The Blenheim, the Wellington and the Lancaster are a few of the British bombers that evoke vivid memories in the minds of WWII veterans.

Episode 13

American Transports

Showing some of the most amazing airlifters in service today and delving into their distinguished service records spanning the globe.

Episode 14

Airpower in Europe

The US has long been a major component of security forces protecting Western Europe. This association has an honourable history dating back to WWI.

Episode 15

Russian Helicopters

Discover the intriguing story of the Soviet aviation industry and explore the development of its expertise and ingenuity in rotor-powered flight.

Episode 16

Wings of Italy

Telling the story of Italian military aviation, marked by peaks of design brilliance as well as misfortune and poor timing.

Episode 17

British Air Power

Examining the development of British tactical air power from WWII to the Gulf War, including the diverse and dynamic fleet of military aircraft.

Episode 18

American Bombers

Chronicling nearly 100 years of US aircraft achievements, from the early visionaries to the technological advancements of the modern bomber fleet.

Episode 19

Russian Fighters

Tracing the development of fighter aircraft from the days of Tsar Nicholas II through to the democratic Russian Federation.

Episode 20

Russian Transport

Transport planes provided the backbone for Red Army air assaults during several wars. There have since been many new designs, including jet seaplanes.