Episode 1

Harley - Part 1

Mark Evans is taking on the challenge of restoring a 1942 Harley Davidson WLC motorcycle. The first project is to strip down the bike.

Episode 2

Harley - Part 2

The engine of the 1942 Harley Davidson WLC is rebuilt and Mark Evans also gets to grips with fitting the carburettors to the engine.

Episode 3

Harley - Part 3

The restoration of a 1942 Harley Davidson WLC continues, as Mark Evans fits the engine and gearbox. It's then time for him to assess the bodywork.

Episode 4

Harley - Part 4

The Harley Davidson restoration challenge continues. Mark Evans gets some help from expert sprayer Danny Boswell, as the bike gets a new colour.

Episode 5

Harley - Part 5

It's nearly time for Mark Evans to test ride the restored Harley Davidson. But before the ride, the final chrome details are added to the bike.

Episode 6

Triumph - Part 1

Mark Evans embarks on his next bike challenge - to restore a 1970 Triumph Bonneville. His first task is to strip the bike down to its frame.

Episode 7

Triumph - Part 2

Self-build guru Mark Evans continues to work on the Triumph Bonneville, as he dismantles the engine, strips the wheels and does a spot of welding.

Episode 8

Triumph - Part 3

Mark reveals the completely painted frame of the 1970 Triumph Bonneville and begins to build the forks, which proves to be less straightforward.

Episode 9

Triumph - Part 4

Mark Evans rebuilds the engine of the 1970 Triumph Bonneville and fits it to the frame, before attempting to re-cover the seat.

Episode 10

Triumph - Part 5

The finishing touches are made to the 1970 Triumph Bonneville. Mark Evans can then enjoy the thrill of taking the bike out for its first spin.

Episode 11

Trike - Part 1

Mark Evans embarks on a new motor biking challenge - to build a VW lowrider Trike. He begins by demolishing a VW Beetle to obtain the parts he needs.

Episode 12

Trike - Part 2

Self-build guru Mark Evans continues building his VW lowrider Trike. Mark fits the engine, clutch and brake cables.

Episode 13

Trike - Part 3

Air brush artist Steve Mohacsy shows Mark Evans how to jazz up the paintwork on his flash mammoth VW lowrider Trike.

Episode 14

Trike - Part 4

Mark Evan's latest motorbike challenge is taking shape, as he fits the lights and clocks to his VW lowrider Trike.

Episode 15

Trike - Part 5

The finishing touches are made to Mark Evan's VW lowrider Trike. He then takes it out for a ride and checks out people's reaction to this monster.

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