Extreme Car Hoarders


Last year, custom car guru Rick Dore and ex WWE wrestler Chuck Palumbo teamed up to start SLAM, a revolutionary new body shop specialising in the last untapped frontier of classic American automobiles – car hoards. All over the country, in backyards, garages and private lots, classics from Zephyrs to Mercs, and T-Birds to Camaros are collecting rust as their owners wait for that elusive “someday” when they’ll finally restore their dream machines.

Chuck and Rick offer these hoarders a golden opportunity: they’ll tow away the rusting fleet, sell what they can, and use the money to turn one car into the priceless, show-worthy vehicle of their dreams. SLAM pockets any leftover profits, while the hoarder gets not only a kickass ride, but a much needed fresh start on life.

Rick and Chuck make a deal with a car hoarder (DCL)

Shaking on it: Another make-or-break deal for Rick and Chuck

After finally getting the hang of working with hoarders and dealing with the deeply personal issues that drive their obsessions, SLAM came to a sudden and crushing halt when they were evicted from their shop. Now, a year later, Rick and Chuck are getting their team of top-notch mechanics back together for another shot at turning SLAM into a custom car powerhouse.

However, transforming cars for hoarders is a risky proposition: finding buyers for rust buckets is never easy, and the restoration and customisation business is full of unexpected pitfalls that could sink their partnership for good. This could be the last chance for SLAM to rebuild the lives of the hoarders they work for, and to find the type of success that eluded them the last time around.  Chuck and Rick are all in... but it’s going to be a wild ride.

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