Ed Stafford

Adventurer and survivalist Ed Stafford is back, pushing his survival skills to the limit and pitting himself once again against Mother Nature. 

In these all-new episodes, Ed is left high and dry in some of the most inhospitable and extreme environments – equipped with nothing but an emergency  phone, medical kit and his camera to record his adventures. In the foothills of the Andes, in Argentine Patagonia, Ed faces extreme exposure to both intense sunlight and freezing temperatures, while subsisting on a diet of wild food including salad, tadpoles and ant eggs.

On the secluded beaches of Coron Island in the Philippines, he falls desperately ill and is forced to face up to memories of when he was last abandoned on a desert island. He then changes course and heads north towards the Arctic Circle and the snow covered mountains in the western fjords of Norway – the first time he has ever been abandoned in a truly cold location.

Each challenge presents a unique and deadly test, in which Ed must rapidly assess his situation and draw up a survival plan that takes him beyond the basics to being in control of himself and his environment. Will he not only survive, but thrive?