The East African elephant, a valuable species that supports multiple ecosystems and is vital for global health, is in jeopardy. Due to the recent growth of the ivory industry, their population in Africa has shrunk from millions to an estimated 400,000. Tanzania is at the frontline in the fight to save the species.

The parks are in crisis mode, whilst the Tanzanian Rangers are outgunned and undermanned as poachers continue the slaughter. One of these rangers, Director of Anti-Poaching, Robert Mande, has devised a plan, so he and his rangers have teamed up with a non-profit American group of war-hardened veterans called VETPAW (Veterans To Protect African Wildlife), led by Ryan Tate.

Together, they use on-ground intelligence to uncover crews of poachers, leading them to larger networks, with the aim of taking down the illegal ivory syndicates destroying his country to fund terrorism.

This compelling series follows Robert, Ryan and their teams on their mission to hunt down the hunters.