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27th March


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Car dealer Mike Brewer is back in the UK! Along with ace mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, he’s on a mission to find and restore iconic cars to sell for a profit.

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Whether it’s restoring iconic cars or establishing the very best things to look for when buying a second hand car, the Wheeler Dealers do whatever they can to restore old motors to their former glory, spot a bargain and maybe even find that future classic car ahead of the trend.


Mar 25



Episode 1

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

It's the 50th anniversary of one of British motoring's forgotten heroes, the Triumph Dolomite Sprint. So, of course, Mike and Elvis have to get one.

Mar 27



Episode 2

Porsche 911

Mike and Elvis take on a Porsche 911 in rough shape: it turns up in pieces on a trailer. If they can revive it, they'll take it on an epic...

Apr 3



Episode 3

Austin Allegro Vanden Plas

The Austin Allegro has a reputation as one of Britain's most unloved cars. Mike rescues a barn-find: can Elvis' refurb prove it doesn't deserve the label?

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