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Expert motorcycle restorer and automobile collector Dale Walksler ventures into barns across the USA searching for rare bikes, cars and auto Americana to resurrect and sell.


Episode 1

Diamond in Dodge City

Motorcycle restorer and automobile collector Dale Walksler is back! He scours barns all across the USA searching for rare bikes and cars to resurrect and sell.

Episode 2

Don't Tell Dale

With just days until the Annual Vintage bike race, Dale is secretly struggling to get his bike up and working. Plus, Matt struggles to locate a 100-year old bike.

Episode 3

Biker Lore

Built in the 60's, the Road Dog was, and still is, the largest motorcycle ever built. Dale has vowed to locate the machine and provide its final resting place.

Episode 4

Vegas Payday

Every year hundreds of bidders wait on what Dale will bring to the Mid-America Auction. This year Dale has put the auction challenge to Matt. Will it pay-off?

Episode 5

RM Auction

The RM Auction will be electric with Dale playing the role of both buyer and seller. He tries to sell off various art and automobilia, including a 1926 factory billboard.

Episode 6

Wounded Warrior

Dale works with Wounded Warriors to build a WWII military bike. A lead lands him in Arkansas but there's conflict over which of the armed forces the bike belongs to.

Episode 7

Orphan Bikes

Promoters of the prestigious Amelia Island Concourse have called on Dale to develop a show and field bikes for an Orphan Bike show.

Episode 8

Time Is (Not) on Their Side

Time is thrust to the forefront of this multi-state search. Timeless old bikes are high on Dale and Matt's list, but the clock ticks on one rare piece.

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