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About The Show

Join chef and food fanatic Todd Fisher on a mouth-watering journey around the USA in search of amazing meat eateries devoted to bacon in all its forms.


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Episode 1

The Walking Ched Burger

Todd visits Iowa to enjoy a thick-cut bacon sandwich, chomps on wonderful pork chops and snacks on bite-sized bacon-wrapped appetizers.

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Episode 3

Pork Wings

Todd's in Milwaukee where he samples a peanut butter and bacon burger, checks out Bacon Happy Hour and visits a diner with monstrous breakfast plates.

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Episode 4

The Bacon "Turtle" Burger

Todd hits one of the country's biggest bacon festivals in the Windy City, stopping at a 50-year-old institution for a deep-dish pizza packed with meat.

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Episode 6

Chicken Fried Bacon

Todd heads to California's Bay Area where he discovers Harlan Sanders' original chicken recipe and munches a massively meaty burger at a 160 year-old mile-house.

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Episode 7

The Death Muffin

Todd's in Atlanta to dine on a bacon version of fried chicken and waffles, pairs a pint of beer with a bacon burger and gets his bacon fill at a...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Porker

Todd meets the bacon champions of Detroit, meets the creators of an all-pork sandwich and heads to the oldest bar in town to visit a bacon-obsessed chef.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Turbacon Sandwich

Todd is in the city of brotherly love for all things bacon. His journey includes bacon tacos, bacon burgers, and even a bacon Bloody Mary.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Bacon Seahorse

Todd shares his bacon obsession with Pittsburgh, where he samples a pizza fully loaded with fries, chili and bacon and an institution that turns into bacon heaven.