About The Show

This tension-packed series follows ruthless and driven grandparents as they battle to bring marital bliss into the homes of their expectant children.


Episode 1

Got Another Girl Pregnant

Kylen and Jason discuss a home birth. Erica and Emersyn host a brunch for Mason's family, and Tyra vents to her mum about Alex's recent betrayal.

Episode 2

Pregnant Again

Lilly and Lawrence celebrate Mother's Day and begin packing for the move. Meanwhile, Tyra drops off Layla and heads to Maryland where pregnant Tiarra now lives.

Episode 3

Breast Milk Pancakes

Tyra receives a text from Alex. Jenna discusses relationship issues. Erica sets rules with Emersyn and Mason. Kylen and Jason visit a birthing centre.

Episode 4

Can Men Lactate?

Tiarra has her 32-week appointment, and her cousin Taylor reveals she is also pregnant. Jenna's parents bicker when they both attend Luca's baptism.

Episode 5

The Move From Hell

Lilly and Lawrence have a stressful night loading the smaller than expected moving truck. Tyra ditches her sister and cousin to meet with Alex.

Episode 6

Take That, Mom

Jenna and Aden go to Pittsburgh for Father's Day but end up fighting. Tiarra needs to get to the hospital, but Tyra is unhelpful, leading the girls to fight.

Episode 7

Nursery Nonsense

Kylen's parents come over for a BBQ, but Jason has other plans for him and Kylen. Family drama ensues when Tiarra posts a picture of her nursery on social media.

Episode 8

Damn, We Got Two Kids Now

Tiarra and Dee head to the hospital for the C-section. Emersyn and Mason break her mother's rules on their first night home with Mateo.

Episode 9

What You Do Is Not Hard

Tiarra returns home to a full house. Emersyn's mum confronts her over the rule breaking. Lilly adjusts to raising her kids without her mum's help.

Episode 10

Kicked Out

Emersyn leaves Erica's home indefinitely. Things get heated when Kylen decides to get an epidural. Jenna's parents are ready to meet up and clear the air.

Episode 11

It's Time To Grow Up

After a dramatic 48 hours, Kylen gives birth. Jenna and her family begin their big beach vacation. Tyra and Taylor meet up to sort out their drama.

Episode 12

Birth Was Supposed To Be Happy

Jenna's mum worries about the relationship with Aden, prompting Jenna to talk to Aden. Plus, Tiarra arrives in Kentucky for Ella's birthday.

Episode 13

He Thinks He's A Man

The stress is on when Kylen and Jason bring baby Xavier home. Ella celebrates her 3rd birthday, while Lilly and Lawrence tour a wedding venue.

Episode 14

Tell All Part 1

All five families meet face-to-face. Tensions are high as Tyra gives updates about a paternity test, and Jason is confronted by more than Kylen's parents.

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