About The Show

McKayla’s baby’s name causes tears. Shayden struggles with Kelsey’s rules and Lexus feels her mum is pushing her away. Caelen shocks McKayla with a bold proposal.


Episode 1

We're Back, Baby

McKayla is back with her second pregnancy. Chloe deals with the possibility of Max going to jail. And, Tyra, 18, worries about the health of her baby.

Episode 2

Five Generations Of Teen Parents

Chloe struggles to balance school with motherhood. Meanwhile, Tyra fears she's losing her friends, and McKayla and Caelan have a huge argument.

Episode 3

Two Hailey's And A Baptism

Tensions run high in the lead up to Ava's baptism. Hailey devises a plan to catch her boyfriend, Matthew, cheating, and Tyra goes to the hospital.

Episode 4

Can You Get Undilated?

Matthew disappears after Hailey's confrontation, while Anthony fears he isn't the father of Rilah's baby. Plus, Tyra tries to induce labour at home.

Episode 5

Say Bye-Bye Daddy

Tyra and Alex try to embrace parenthood, while Chloe isn't sure she can stay with Max. Plus, McKayla and Caelan's families have a dinner that quickly goes awry.

Episode 6

Does She Have My Ears?

Anthony tries to put the question of paternity to bed at Rilah's 4D ultrasound appointment. Meanwhile, Max's therapy session reveals more about his addiction.

Episode 7

Your Irresponsible Low Life Mom

Chloe keeps her apartment-hunting with Max secret from her parents. Rilah's mum gets real with Anthony about his mother.

Episode 8

The Sperm IS The Baby

Rosa and Rebecca finally meet at Rilah's baby shower. McKayla goes to hospital to be induced. Jessica and Nate find out Chloe and Max broke their only rule.

Episode 9

Don't Give Your Baby Steak

Shelly meets her granddaughter, despite McKayla's wish that she stays away. Chloe gets ready for the prom and Max gets some bad news.

Episode 10

How I Broke My Water

Hailey and Matthew welcome their daughter along with a lot of drama. Plus, Max learns that he is going to rehab and Rilah is rushed to hospital!

Episode 11

Missing Child

Alex tells his grandmother that he plans to move out, Anthony starts to think more seriously about his and Rilah's relationship and the rehab centre has a bed for Max.

Episode 12

We're Talking About Crazy People

Chloe goes to prom without Max, Caelan and Shelly meet with an attorney and Hailey receives some shocking news. Plus, Rilah and her baby are unwell.

Episode 13

She Don't Know How To Love

Rilah delivers her baby. Caelan records a song he wrote about McKayla. Max comes home from rehab and Chloe graduates from high school.

Episode 14

Tell All Part 1

The young mothers meet for the first time. Chloe reveals shocking news about her relationship with Max, while Hailey argues with Matthew's new girlfriend.

Episode 15

Tell All Part 2

Tensions run high as Matthew and his new girlfriend make a shocking announcement. Plus, Tyra and Alex share updates on parenthood and their relationship.