Episode 1

The 22-Year Itch

When Curt and Donna Thorngren's seemingly idyllic 22-year marriage ends in murder, detectives discover a marriage destroyed by debt, deceit, and drug addiction.

Episode 2

Love, Sex, And Trucking

In 2013, police arrive at a devastating scene. At first, it appears to be a tragic accident, but police soon uncover a story of infidelity and obsession.

Episode 3

Don't Shoot!

A married couple are found shot dead in their home. Investigators reveal a bizarre story that involves drugs, stolen money and a pet parrot who is becomes a witness.

Episode 4

Three Pops And A Pause

A seemingly happy married couple have five children and a growing business together. Then, one day an explosive encounter blows their lives apart.

Episode 5

While You Were Sleeping

Dr. Mark Wangler and his wife Kathy appear to live the middle-class dream. But their façade collapses as a pre-meditated execution rips their family apart.

Episode 6

Vows, Lies, And Whispers

In 2002, a series of mysterious events shatter a family. It takes ten years for the baffled police to discover what happened on that fateful night.

Episode 7

Love Sick

Trailer owners, Jason and Stephanie McClurg, suffer a series of misfortunes which put their marriage under huge strain. But nobody expected it to lead to murder.

Episode 8

Control, Kill, Delete

A couple appear to have the perfect romance. After meeting online, blending their families and spending many happy years together, suddenly they're torn apart.