Episode 1

Houston Ink

The doctors prepare to open a new clinic but are apprehensive about a promise they made to each other. Meanwhile, Dr. Blue is alarmed by a bulldog's burst mammary gland.

Episode 2

Saving Captain Hook

Police rescue a turtle caught on fishing line and it's up to Dr. Ross to unhook him. Dr. Blue awaits test results after performing dental surgery on a dachshund.

Episode 3

Operation Opera

The veterinarians are forced to perform a serious surgery when a scan reveals fluid inside a dog's uterus and a hen needs saving after being savaged by a coyote.

Episode 4

Struggling Pug

The vets are faced with a pug who is struggling to breathe through narrowed nostrils and struggle as they deal with a small dog who seems to have a failing...

Episode 5

Falcon Festival

The docs head to the Renaissance Faire to tend to the birds of prey in need of the West Nile vaccine. Plus, Dr. Ross treats Tesla the tortoise for a...

Episode 6

Hermaphrodite Hound

Dr. Lavigne performs surgery on a dog that's both male and female. Dr. Ross must treat a bearded dragon's skin disease before it causes serious problems.

Episode 7


A tegu lizard with serious constipation needs surgery. Dr. Blue treats a boxer that can barely breathe and the vets help a baby alpaca in distress.

Episode 8

Daddy Day Care

Dr. Ross brings his daughter into the clinic. Plus, a dog is rushed in after suffering multiple seizure, and the staff must tame a feisty feline patient.

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