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Next Up

Thursday 18th July at 6:00 am

Animal Planet


Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Pig Whisperers

Dr. Blue deals with an urgent case when a pit bull is attacked by a raccoon. Plus, Dr. Ross takes on an aggressive ferret, and they have a big announcement!

8:00 pm

18 Jul

Animal Planet

Episode 2

Pomeranian Plot Twist

Dr. Lavigne finds a surprise on one of his favourite patient's X-ray. And, Dr. Blue has his hands full with a former fraternity house pig called Aubie.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

16-Pound Tumor

Dr. Lavigne performs a risky surgery on a loving pit bull with a record-breaking tumour. Plus, the vets deal with a heart-breaking situation at the clinic.

8:00 pm

25 Jul

Animal Planet

Episode 4

A Tale Of Two Tails

Dr. Blue has a crisis to deal with when a dog comes in that has chewed off her own tail. Plus, Dr. Ross has to make a big decision regarding...

8:00 pm

1 Aug

Animal Planet

Episode 5

A Boy Who Spayed Wolf

Dr. Lavigne performs a bionic surgery on a pit bull with a torn ACL. Plus, the new vet Dr. Fedke treats a cat with a creepy, crawly injury.