Episode 1

Earth: The Secret History

Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals the cataclysmic events that led to the creation of the solar system, the planet Earth and the conditions for life.

Episode 3

Milky Way: The Monster Inside

The Milky Way has over two hundred billion stars. Where did they all come from? And what impact does the black hole at the heart of the galaxy have?

Episode 4

Ends Of The Solar System: Strange Frontiers

The solar system is the Earth's local neighbourhood. But how far does it extend? And what fascinating secrets remain to be discovered?

Episode 5

Ice Giants: The Frozen Aliens

Neptune and Uranus are two giant frozen worlds far from the sun. Despite this, could they hold the secret of how and why life developed on Earth?

Episode 7

The Sun: Secrets Of Our Star

Astronaut Mike Massimino journeys to the Sun, revealing the secrets of Earth's star and how it will one day destroy our planet.

Episode 8

Mercury: The Cursed Planet

Astronaut Mike Massimino explores Mercury. This tiny planet faces constant attacks from the Sun and might one day pose a threat to all life on Earth.

Episode 10

Alien Stars: Mystery Of The Monsters

Astronaut Mike Massimino examines the deadliest stars in the universe. Though they can rip planets apart, they may be integral to life on earth.

Episode 11

Alien Volcanoes: Life In Hell

Mike Massimino uses the latest science to explore the alien volcanoes of distant worlds and investigates if they could contain extraterrestrial life.

Episode 15

The Solar System: Alien Origins

Astronaut Mike Massimino uncovers the solar system's strange and violent birth. How were its planets built from the wreckage bygone alien worlds?

Episode 16

Dwarf Planets: Aliens Among Us

Astronaut Mike Massimino explores dwarf planets in our solar system. Too small to be planets, they are home to some of the universe's biggest secrets.

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