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Real-life cases reveal the twists and turns of a crime where it seems the culprit is about to get away with murder. How did detectives catch these ingenious killers?


Episode 2

A Motive Most Bizarre

When Jeffery Locker is found stabbed to death, detectives suspect he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the truth, they learn, is far more shocking.

Episode 4


When Peggy Perez-Olivo is shot in the head her husband Carlos insists they were victims of carjackers. The horror that follows will shock even experienced investigators.

Episode 6

Whidbey Island Mystery

When Russel Douglas is found shot in the head in his car on a deserted road, it sparks a decade long case that leaves many with unanswered questions.

Episode 7

The Green Eyed Monster

Peter Theriault hasn't missed a day of work in almost 30 years. So, when he fails to arrive for his shift, friends and family suspect something is very wrong.

Episode 8

Vanished In Vegas

Millionaire Las Vegas real estate developer Ron Rudin goes missing. To find him, detectives will trace a path filled with haunting spirits, obsession, and greed.

Episode 9

Jump Shot

Film executive and former star UCLA basketball player Gavin Smith goes missing. For years, his family and detectives seek answers, but those questioned remain silent.

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