Episode 1

One Tiny Bone

The body of 83-year-old Peggy Swan is found decomposing in her basement. Coroner Graham Hetrick listens to the story her body tells to help solve this puzzling murder.

Episode 2

Wound Patterns

The night after Thanksgiving, popular activist Rayon Braxton is found shot to death. Coroner Graham Hetrick must read Rayon's wounds to reveal a cold-blooded killer.

Episode 3

Hand In Glove

When popular jockey Juan Vives is found stabbed to death in the woods just days before Christmas, Coroner Graham Hetrick helps investigators track down the killer.

Episode 4

Where He Stood

Barbara Gooding's life is torn apart when her son dies in her arms. It's up to Coroner Graham Hetrick to read his bullet wounds to uncover who shot the teenager.

Episode 5

Wedding Day

Steve Esworthy is found beaten to death in a quiet neighbourhood. Reading his wounds lead Coroner Graham Hetrick through one of the strangest death's he has ever seen.

Episode 6

While You Slept

The mutilated body of 38-year-old Jimmy Felder is found in his attic bedroom. Coroner Graham Hetrick discovers a rage that lies dangerously close to home.

Episode 7

He'll Open The Door

When the body of Hitender Thakur is found shot to death, it's up to Coroner Graham Hetrick to help police hunt a killer who has disappeared without a trace.

Episode 8

The Wax Bags

A father finds his 23-year-old son dead of in his room. Coroner Graham Hetrick listens as the hidden wounds on his body reveal the shocking story of his death.

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